Williams, K.

Background: Researcher
Organization: Biodiversity Research Institute
Department: Wildlife and Renewable Energy Program
Interest: Anthropogenic stressors on wildlife, Avian migratory patterns and trends
Country: United States of America

Total results: 8
Title Author Date Sort ascending Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
How ‘Blue’ Is ‘Green’ Energy? Wright, A., Araujo-Wang, C., Wang, J. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Offshore Wind
Impacts to Wildlife of Wind Energy Siting and Operation in the United States Allison, T., Diffendorfer, J., Baerwald, E. Report Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Land-Based Wind Habitat Change, Displacement, Collision, Avoidance, Attraction Birds, Bats
Evaluating habitat, prey, and mesopredator associations in a community of marine birds Goyert, H., Gardner, B., Veit, R. Journal Article Wind Energy, Marine Energy Seabirds, Birds
Predicting the offshore distribution and abundance of marine birds with a hierarchical community distance sampling model Goyert, H., Gardner, B., Sollmann, R. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Seabirds, Birds
Wildlife Densities and Habitat Use Across Temporal and Spatial Scales on the Mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf (2012-2014) Williams, K., Connelly, E., Johnson, S. Report Seabirds, Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Birds
An underwater stereo-camera trap Williams, K., De Robertis, A., Berkowitz, Z. Journal Article Fish
Offshore Observations of Eastern Red Bats (Lasiurus borealis) in the Mid-Atlantic United States Using Multiple Survey Methods Hatch, S., Connelly, E., Divoll, T. Journal Article Bats
Modeling Wildlife Densities and Habitat Use Across Temporal and Spatial Scales on the Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf: Annual Report for the First Budget Period Williams, K. Report Offshore Wind Habitat Change Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Birds