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Using clean, low-carbon energy sources is more important now than ever. As we combat climate change, marine renewable energy (MRE) has the potential to play an important role. However, we need to understand the impact tidal, wave, and ocean thermal energy devices may have on the environment in order to deploy MRE devices in a responsible manner.

OES-Environmental has compiled educational resources to increase awareness and understanding of MRE and associated environmental effects as well as support the future workforce.

The materials and resources on this page can be used by students of all ages and educational backgrounds. Educators, schools, aquariums and zoos, science camps, etc. may also want to use this page for fun, educational content or to develop a classroom curriculum on environmental effects of MRE.


Suggested education level for the various materials and resources:

  Elementary - Middle School High School College
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Tethys Materials

Educational Materials

Below you can find education materials on environmental effects of MRE. At the top are general resources to get you started, followed by sections on several key environmental effects. Materials include coloring pages as well as short science summaries. Short science summaries are two-page overviews of each environmental effect based on the 2020 State of the Science Report; these highlight status of knowledge, remaining uncertainties about the interaction, and recommendations. Additional materials will be added soon, such as presentations for all education levels and short videos on the different environmental effects.




General Resources

Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Coloring Book PDF

Short Science Summary: "Benefits and Effects"

Additional materials coming soon...


Collision Risk

Collision Risk Coloring Page in Color

Collision Risk Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Collision Risk"

Additional materials coming soon...



Underwater Noise Risk

Underwater Nosie Coloring Page in Color

Underwater Noise Risk Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Underwater Noise"

Additional materials coming soon...


Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Risk

EMF Coloring Page in Color

EMF Risk Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Electromagnetic Fields"

Additional materials coming soon...


Habitat Change

Habitat Change Coloring Page in Color

Change in Habitat Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Changes in Benthic and Pelagic Habitats"

Additional materials coming soon...


Changes in Oceanographic Systems

Oceanographic Systems (Wave) Coloring Page in Color

Changes in Oceanographic Systems (Wave) Coloring Page

Oceanographic Systems (Tidal) Coloring Page in Color

Changes in Oceanographic Systems (Tidal) Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Changes in Oceanographic Systems"

Additional materials coming soon...


Encounters with Mooring Lines and Cables

Entanglement Coloring Page in Color

Encounters with Mooring Lines and Cables Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Entanglement Risk"

Animated video: Exploring Encounters between Humpback and Floating Wind Farms

Additional materials coming soon...



Displacement Coloring Page in Color

Displacement Coloring Page

Additional materials coming soon...


Social and Economic Impacts

Social and Economic Coloring Page in Color

Social and Economic Impacts Coloring Page

Short Science Summary: "Social and Economic Data"

Additional materials coming soon...


Classroom Activities/Experiments

Additional materials coming soon.


Tethys Resources

Although Tethys has many resources, the list below may be most helpful for students and researchers:

  • Knowledge Base: Relevant documents about the environmental effects of marine renewable energy (and wind energy) from around the world are compiled into a user-friendly table that displays all content available in Tethys. A Map Viewer is also available to find documents by locations.
  • 2020 State of the Science: This report reflects the most current and pertinent published information about interactions of MRE devices and associated infrastructure with the animals and habitats that make up the marine environment.
  • Environmental Metadata: OES-Environmental metadata contains information from researchers and developers about MRE activities around the world, including marine energy deployments, monitoring, and research pertaining to the environmental effects.
  • Tethys Blasts: This bi-weekly newsletter highlights new publications in the Tethys Knowledge Base; relevant announcements, opportunities, and upcoming events; and news articles of international interest.
  • Environmental Webinars: Tethys hosts regular webinars pertaining to topics of environmental concern, as a means to effectively disseminate new information and research efforts to a large international audience of stakeholders. Anyone is welcome to attend these live webinars and participate in a live question and answer session with the presenters.
  • Tethys Community: A list of registered Tethys users who have given permission to share professional contact information with other registered users.
  • Events Calendar: The calendar highlights key events from around the world related to marine renewable energy, including conferences, workshops, webinars, and more.