One of the missions of Tethys is to provide you with connections to other organizations, databases, and people that are involved in researching the environmental effects of offshore renewable energy. There are a couple of available resources that accomplish this:

  • Partners - Organizations with which Annex IV and WREN have close working relationships.
  • Organizations - As relevant documents are added to Tethys, we tag author affiliations and sponsoring organizations associated with each publication. These organizations are compiled in this list and for each organization we have basic information and a list of publications by that organization.
  • Databases - Other databases that are dealing with offshore renewable energy and the environment are listed, with a basic description of the database.
  • Regulatory - Basic summaries are provided for each nation involved in Ocean Energy Systems (OES).
  • Tethys Community - Those with a Tethys user account may choose to be listed here. Contact information is provided to promote networking.
  • WREN Community - This is a protected page only available to WREN members.
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