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Energy Transitions Towards Low Carbon Resilience: Evaluation of Disaster-Triggered Local and Regional Cases Ko, Y., Barrett, B., Copping, A. Wave, Land-Based Wind
Changes in Relative Fish Density Around a Deployed Tidal Turbine during on-Water Activities Staines, G., Zydlewski, G., Viehman, H. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Avoidance Fish
Tethys knowledge management system: Working to advance the marine renewable energy industry Whiting, J., Copping, A., Freeman, M. Marine Energy (General)
Good Management Practices for Social and Economic Data Collection for Marine Renewable Energy Copping, A., Freeman, M., Hutchison, I. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data
In situ characterization of turbine hydraulic environment to support development of fish-friendly hydropower guidelines in the lower Mekong River region Martinez, J., Deng, Z., Tian, C. Marine Energy (General) Fish
Over or under? Autonomous sensor fish reveals why overshot weirs may be safer than undershot weirs for fish passage Pflugrath, B., Boys, C., Cathers, B. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Collision Fish
The Role of Adaptive Management in the Wind Energy Industry Copping, A., Gartman, V., May, R. Wind Energy (General) Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Marine Hydrokinetics Regulatory Processes Literature Review O'Neil, R., Staines, G., Freeman, M. Marine Energy (General)
Retiring Environmental Risks: Facilitating Marine Renewable Energy Development through Accelerated Consenting Copping, A., Freeman, M., Gorton, A. Marine Energy (General)
Humpback Whales and Floating Offshore Wind Farm Animation Grear, M., Copping, A., Sanders, G. Offshore Wind Entrapment Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Empirical measures of harbor seal behavior and avoidance of an operational tidal turbine Joy, R., Wood, J., Sparling, C. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Displacement, Collision, Avoidance Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Humpback Whale Encounter with Offshore Wind Mooring Lines and Inter-Array Cables Copping, A., Grear, M. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Entrapment Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Maritime Renewable Energy Markets: Power From the Sea Copping, A., LiVecchi, A., Spence, H. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions
Applying a simple model for estimating the likelihood of collision of marine mammals with tidal turbines Copping, A., Grear, M. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Collision Marine Mammals
Risk of whale encounters with offshore renewable energy mooring lines and electrical cables Copping, A., Grear, M., Sanders, G. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Entrapment, Collision Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Resolving environmental effects of wind energy Sinclair, K., Copping, A., May, R. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Land-Based Wind Marine Mammals, Birds, Bats
Overcoming Barriers to Marine Renewables Energy Development Freeman, M., Copping, A., Gorton, A. Marine Energy (General) Stakeholder Engagement, Human Dimensions
The State of Knowledge for Environmental Effects: Driving Consenting/Permitting for the Marine Renewable Energy Industry Copping, A. Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions
A Modeling Study of Tidal Energy Extraction and the Associated Impact on Tidal Circulation in a Multi-Inlet Bay System of Puget Sound Wang, T., Yang, Z. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Understanding the Potential Risk to Marine Mammals from Collision with Tidal Turbines Copping, A., Grear, M., Jepsen, R. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Collision Marine Mammals
MRE Regulator Survey Report Dreyer, S. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
Triton: Igiugig Fish Video Analysis Matzner, S., Trostle, C., Staines, G. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Fish
Pacific Region Marine Renewables Environmental Regulatory Workshop Report Copping, A., Kramer, S., Sather, N. Marine Energy (General) Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Maritime Route Delineation using AIS Data from the Atlantic Coast of the US Breithaupt, S., Copping, A., Tagestad, J. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Navigation, Human Dimensions
Sharing Information on Environmental Effects of Wind Energy Development: WREN Hub Copping, A., Hanna, L., Whiting, J. Wind Energy (General)
Marine Renewable Energy: Resource Characterization and Physical Effects Yang, Z., Copping, A. Marine Energy (General)
Triton: Environmental Technologies for Marine Energy Harker-Klimes, G. Marine Energy (General)
Assessing Environmental Effects (WREN): Adaptive Management White Paper Hanna, L., Copping, A., Geerlofs, S. Wind Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy
A Benthic Habitat Monitoring Approach for Marine and Hydrokinetic Sites Revelas, G., Sackmann, B., Jones, C. Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Physical Environment, Sediment Transport, Fish, Invertebrates
Integral NoiseSpotter Raghukumar, K., Chang, G., Spada, F. Marine Energy (General) Noise Reptiles, Physical Environment, Marine Mammals, Fish
Observing ocean ecosystems with sonar Matzner, S., Maxwell, A., Ham, K. Pelagic Fish, Marine Mammals, Fish
A Coordinated Action Plan for Addressing Collision Risk for Marine Mammals and Tidal Turbines Hutchison, I., Copping, A. Marine Energy (General), Tidal Avoidance, Collision Marine Mammals
What do we Know about Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Devices? The State of the Science in 2016 Copping, A., Hanna, L., Whiting, J. Marine Energy (General)
Benchmarking Sensor Fusion Capabilities of an Integrated Monitoring Package Cotter, E., Matzner, S., Horne, J. Marine Energy (General)
Coupled Modeling of Hydrodynamics and Sound in Coastal Ocean for Renewable Ocean Energy Development Long, W., Jung, K., Yang, Z. Marine Energy (General) Noise
Characterizing Large River Sounds: Providing Context for Understanding the Environmental Effects of Noise Produced by Hydrokinetic Turbines Bevelhimer, M., Deng, D., Scherelis, C. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Noise
Likelihood of a Marine Vessel Accident from Wind Energy Development in the Atlantic Copping, A., Breithaupt, S., Whiting, J. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Navigation, Human Dimensions
Two-Dimensional Thermal Video Analysis of Offshore Bird and Bat Flight Matzner, S., Cullinan, V., Duberstein, C. Birds, Bats
Enabling Siting and Permitting of Marine Energy Devices, in Conjunction with Engineering Design and Deployment Strategies Copping, A., Geerlofs, S., Hanna, L. Marine Energy (General) Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Numerical Performance Analysis of Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profilers in the Wake of an Axial-Flow Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine Richmond, M., Harding, S., Romero-Gomez, P. Marine Energy (General) Physical Environment
Classification of Birds and Bats Using Flight Tracks Cullinan, V., Matzner, S., Duberstein, C. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Birds, Bats
Understanding the Risk to Marine Mammals from Collision with a Tidal Turbine Copping, A., Jepsen, R., Grear, M. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Collision Marine Mammals
A Modeling Study of the Potential Water Quality Impacts from In-Stream Tidal Energy Extraction Wang, T., Yang, Z., Copping, A. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Water Quality, Physical Environment
Special Issue: Renewable Ocean Energy Development and the Environment Zydlewski, G., Copping, A., Redden, A. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Ecosystem Processes
Adaptable Monitoring Package (AMP) Polagye, B., Stewart, A., Joslin, J. Marine Energy (General) Collision, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals
Environmental Risk Evaluation System - An Approach to Ranking Risk of Ocean Energy Development on Coastal and Estuarine Environments Copping, A., Hanna, L., Van Cleve, B. Wind Energy (General), Wave, Tidal, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change, Displacement, Collision, Chemicals, Changes in Flow, Avoidance, Attraction Marine Mammals, Fish, Birds
Modeling the Effects of Tidal Energy Extraction on Estuarine Hydrodynamics in a Stratified Estuary Yang, Z., Wang, T. Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Water Quality, Physical Environment
Best Practices for Monitoring Environmental Effects of Marine Energy Devices Copping, A., Hanna, L., Hutchison, I. Marine Energy (General)
Expanding Access to Environmental Information for Marine Energy Development Copping, A. Marine Energy (General)
Design and Implementation of a New Autonomous Sensor Fish to Support Advanced Hydropower Development Deng, Z., Lu, J., Myjak, M. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Fish