Salinity Gradient

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Environmental assessment of intake alternatives for seawater reverse osmosis in the Arabian Gulf Al-Kaabi, A., Mackey, R. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General) Life Cycle Assessment, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Potential local environmental impacts of salinity gradient energy: A review Seyfried, C., Palko, H.., Dubbs, L. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General)
Increased integration between innovative ocean energy and the EU habitats, species and water protection rules through Maritime Spatial Planning van Hees, S. Wave, Tidal, Salinity Gradient, Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Marine Spatial Planning, Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Marine Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean Sea: Status and Perspectives Soukissian, T., Denaxa, D., Karathanasi, F. Wind Energy (General), Wave, Tidal, Salinity Gradient, OTEC, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Marine Spatial Planning, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Exploring Potential Sites for Salinity Gradient Renewable Energy on the North Carolina Coast and Evaluating the Potential Effects of Local Salinity Regime Variation on SAV Communities Due to Reverse Electrodialysis Effluent Palko, H. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Water Quality, Physical Environment, Ecosystem Processes
Environmental aspects and economics of salinity gradient power (SGP) processes Papapetrou, M., Kumpavat, K. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions
The power of salinity gradients: An Australian example Helfer, F., Lemckert, C. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General)
Perspectives on environmental ethics in sustainability of membrane based technologies for water and energy production Tufa, R. Salinity Gradient, Marine Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Annapolis Tidal Station Nova Scotia Power Corporation Nova Scotia Power Corporation Marine Energy (General), Riverine, Salinity Gradient, Tidal