Kramer, S.

Background: Consultant
Organization: HT Harvey & Associates
Interest: Marine Ecology
Country: United States of America

Total results: 15
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The trade-off between tidal-turbine array yield and environmental impact: A habitat suitability modelling approach du Feu, R., Funke, S., Kramer, S. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow Invertebrates
Efficient unstructured mesh generation for marine renewable energy applications Avdis, A., Candy, A., Hill, J. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Collision
A Snapshot of Risk for Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Development Copping, A., Kramer, S. Conference Paper Marine Energy Changes in Flow, Collision, EMF, Entrapment, Habitat Change, Noise
Pacific Region Marine Renewables Environmental Regulatory Workshop Report Copping, A., Kramer, S., Sather, N. Workshop Article Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Integral NoiseSpotter Raghukumar, K., Chang, G., Spada, F. Research Study Marine Energy Noise Physical Environment, Fish, Marine Mammals, Reptiles
A Benthic Habitat Monitoring Approach for Marine and Hydrokinetic Sites Revelas, G., Sackmann, B., Jones, C. Research Study Marine Energy Habitat Change Physical Environment, Sediment Transport, Fish, Invertebrates
A Review of the Environmental Impacts for Marine and Hydrokinetic Projects to Inform Regulatory Permitting: Summary Findings from the 2015 Workshop on Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies, Washington, D.C. Baring-Gould, E., Christol, C., LiVecchi, A. Report Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Evaluating the Potential for Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices to Act as Artificial Reefs or Fish Aggregating Devices, Based on Analysis of Surrogates in Tropical, Subtropical, and Temperate U.S. West Coast and Hawaiian Coastal Waters Kramer, S., Hamilton, C., Spencer, G. Report Marine Energy Habitat Change Fish, Demersal Fish, Pelagic Fish
Tidal Resource Extraction in the Pentland Firth, UK: Potential Impacts on Flow Regime and Sediment Transport in the Inner Sound of Stroma Martin-Short, R., Hill, J., Kramer, S. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow Physical Environment, Sediment Transport
The Modelling of Tidal Turbine Farms using Multi-Scale, Unstructured Mesh Models Kramer, S., Piggott, M., Hill, J. Presentation Tidal, Marine Energy
Instrumentation for Monitoring around Marine Renewable Energy Converters: Workshop Final Report Polagye, B., Copping, A., Suryan, R. Workshop Article Marine Energy
West Coast Environmental Protocols Framework: Baseline and Monitoring Studies Klure, J., Hampton, T., McMurray, G. Report Wind Energy, Wave, Tidal, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy
Developing Capabilities for Tidal Hydrokinetic Blade Strike Monitoring Polagye, B., Kramer, S., Parker-Stetter, S. Presentation Marine Energy, Tidal Collision
Deployment Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Technologies - Framework for Identifying Key Environmental Concerns in Marine Renewable Energy Projects Kramer, S., Previsic, M., Nelson, P. Report Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Baseline Data and Power Analysis for the OWET Dungeness Crab and Fish Baseline Study Terrill, S., Kramer, S., Nelson, P. Report Marine Energy, Wave Fish, Demersal Fish, Invertebrates