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2018 Revisions to: Technical Guidance for Assessing the Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammal Hearing (Version 2.0): Underwater Thresholds for Onset of Permanent and Temporary Threshold Shifts National Marine Fisheries Service Noise Marine Mammals
Modeling Baseline Conditions of Ecological Indicators: Marine Renewable Energy Environmental Monitoring Linder, H., Horne, J., Ward, E. Marine Energy (General) Ecosystem Processes
Lost listening area assessment of anthropogenic sounds in the Chukchi Sea Hannay, D., Hatch, L., Harrison, J. Noise
Management of Acoustic Metadata for Bioacoustics Roch, M., Batchelor, H., Baumann-Pickering, S. Marine Mammals, Fish
Where the Decibels Hit the Water: Perspectives on the Application of Science to Real-World Underwater Noise and Marine Protected Species Issues Scholik-Schlomer, A. Noise
Issuance of Incidental Harassment Authorizations to Deepwater Wind for the Take of Marine Mammals Incidental to Construction of the Block Island Wind Farm and Block Island Transmission System National Marine Fisheries Service Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Marine Mammals
Marine Mammals Trace Anthropogenic Structures at Sea Russell, D., Brasseur, S., Thompson, D. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals, Ecosystem Processes
Integration of passive acoustic monitoring data into OBIS-SEAMAP, a global biogeographic database, to advance spatially-explicit ecological assessments Fujioka, E., Soldevilla, M., Read, A. Seabirds, Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Birds
U.S. West Coast Large Whale Entanglement Information Sharing Workshop Report NOAA Fisheries Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Draft Guidance for Assessing the Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals: Acoustic Threshold Levels for Onset of Permanent and Temporary Threshold Shifts National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Noise Marine Mammals
Estimating Effects of Tidal Power Projects and Climate Change on Threatened and Endangered Marine Species and Their Food Web Busch, S., Greene, C., Good, T. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Ecosystem Processes, Climate Change
Draft Recovery Plan for the North Pacific Right Whale (Eubalaena japonica) National Marine Fisheries Service Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
A Vessel Noise Budget for Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, Washington (USA) Bassett, C., Polagye, B., Holt, M. Noise
Vessel Operator Response to a Voluntary Measure for Reducing Collisions with Whales Silber, G., Adams, J., Bettridge, S. Collision Marine Mammals, Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions, Cetaceans
Haul-Out Behavior of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) in Hood Canal, Washington London, J., Ver Hoef, J., Jefferies, S. Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Recreational Fisheries Statistics National Marine Fisheries Service, Fisheries Statistics Division Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Managing Underwater Noise in European Waters - Implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Tasker, M., Amundin, M., André, M. Noise
Environmental Effects of Tidal Energy Development: Proceedings of a Scientific Workshop Polagye, B., Van Cleve, B., Copping, A. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Hydrodynamics of a Ship/Whale Collision Silber, G., Slutsky, J., Bettridge, S. Collision Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Distance Software: Design and Analysis of Distance Sampling Surveys for Estimating Population Size Thomas, L., Buckland, S., Rexstad, E. Physical Environment
Mandibular Fractures in Short-Finned Pilot Whales, Globicephala macrorhynchus Oremland, M., Allen, B., Clapham, P. Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Swimming Speed, Respiration Rate, and Estimated Cost of Transport in Adult Killer Whales Williams, R., Noren, D. Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Ecological Effects of Wave Energy Development in the Pacific Northwest Boehlert, G., McMurray, G., Tortorici, C. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
Differentiating Serious and Non-Serious Injury of Marine Mammals: Report of the Serious Injury Technical Workshop Andersen, M., Forney, K., Cole, T. Marine Mammals
Impacts to Marine Fisheries Habitat from Nonfishing Activities in the Northeastern United States Johnson, M., Boelke, C., Chiarella, L. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Community Profiles for West Coast and North Pacific Fisheries Northwest Fisheries Science Center Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Potential Impacts Of Hydrokinetic And Wave Energy Conversion Technologies On Aquatic Environments Cada, G., Ahlgrimm, J., Bahleda, M. Wave, Riverine, Marine Energy (General)
A Test for Bias Attributable to Seabird Avoidance of Ships during Surveys Conducted in the Tropical Pacific Borberg, J., Ballance, L., Pitman, R. Avoidance Seabirds, Birds
Large Whale Ship Strike Database Jensen, A., Silber, G. Collision Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Use of Multiple Orientation Cues by Juvenile Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta Avens, L., Lohmann, K. EMF Reptiles
Calculating Limits to the Allowable Human-Caused Mortality of Cetaceans and Pinnipeds Wade, P. Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Evidence that Fin Whales Respond to the Geomagnetic Field During Migration Walker, M., Kirschvink, J., Ahmed, G. EMF Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Effects of cold shock on egg, larval, and juvenile stages of tropical fishes: Potential impacts of ocean thermal energy conversion Lamadrid-Rose, Y., Boehlert, G. Marine Energy (General), OTEC Fish, Pelagic Fish
The 40 MWe OTEC Plant at Kahe Point, Oahu, Hawaii: A Case Study of Potential Biological Impacts Harrison, J. OTEC, Marine Energy (General)
The Potential Impact of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) on Fisheries Myers, E., Hoss, D., Matsumoto, W. OTEC, Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Fisheries