Kraus, S.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Residency, demographics, and movement patterns of North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis in an offshore wind energy development area in southern New England, USA Quintana-Rizzo, E., Leiter, S., Cole, T. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
A Framework for Studying the Effects of Offshore Wind Development on Marine Mammals and Turtles Kraus, S., Kenney, R., Thomas, L. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Marine Mammals, Reptiles
Understanding the population consequences of disturbance Pirotta, E., Booth, C., Costa, D. Journal Article Marine Mammals
North Atlantic right whale Eubalaena glacialis occurrence in offshore wind energy areas near Massachusetts and Rhode Island, USA Leiter, S., Stone, K., Thompson, J. Journal Article Fixed Offshore Wind Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Distribution and abundance of cetaceans in a wind energy development area offshore of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Stone, K., Leiter, S., Kenney, R. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Attraction, Habitat Change Invertebrates, Marine Mammals, Cetaceans, Pinnipeds, Human Dimensions, Fisheries, Marine Spatial Planning
Enhancing the Visibility of Fishing Ropes to Reduce Right Whale Entanglements Kraus, S., Fasick, J., Werner, T. Report Marine Mammals, Cetaceans, Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Evidence that ship noise increases stress in right whales Rolland, R., Parks, S., Hunt, K. Journal Article Marine Energy Noise