Nowacek, D.

Background: Researcher
Organization: Duke University
Department: Marine Science and Conservation, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Interest: Animal bioacoustics, marine mammal foraging ecology, predator-prey ecology
Country: United States of America

Total results: 8
Title Author Date Sort ascending Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Marine Mammal Noise Exposure Criteria: Updated Scientific Recommendations for Residual Hearing Effects Southhall, B., Finneran, J., Reichmuth, C. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Soundscape of an Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin (Sousa chinensis) hotspot before windfarm construction in the Pearl River Estuary, China: Do dolphin engage in noise avoidance and passive eavesdropping behavior? Wang, Z., Akamatsu, T., Nowacek, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Avoidance, Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Responsible Practices for Minimizing and Monitoring Environmental Impacts of Marine Seismic Surveys with an Emphasis on Marine Mammals Nowacek, D., Bröker, K., Donovan, G. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Evidence that ship noise increases stress in right whales Rolland, R., Parks, S., Hunt, K. Journal Article Marine Energy Noise
Behavioral responses of minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) to experimental fishing gear in a coastal environment Kot, B., Sears, R., Nowacek, D. Journal Article Avoidance Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Individual right whales call louder in increased environmental noise Parks, S., Johnson, M., Nowacek, D. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Responses of Cetaceans to Anthropogenic Noise Nowacek, D., Thorne, L., Johnston, D. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
North Atlantic Right Whales (Eubalaena glacialis) Ignore Ships but Respond to Alerting Stimuli Nowacek, D., Johnson, M., Tyack, P. Journal Article Noise, Collision, Attraction Marine Mammals, Cetaceans