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Local support for renewable energy technologies? Attitudes towards local near-shore wind farms among second home owners and permanent area residents on the Danish coast Johansen, K. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data
Assessing use-use interactions at sea: A theoretical framework for spatial decision support tools facilitating co-location in maritime spatial planning Bonnevie, I., Hansen, H., Schrøder, L. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Marine Spatial Planning, Human Dimensions
Past, present and future environmental footprint of the Danish wind turbine fleet with LCA_WIND_DK, an online interactive platform Besseau, R., Sacchi, R., Blanc, I. Wind Energy (General) Life Cycle Assessment, Human Dimensions
Why does the offshore wind industry need standardized HSE management systems? An evidence from Denmark Ahsan, D., Pederson, S., Nielsen, M. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Exploring technologically, temporally and geographically-sensitive life cycle inventories for wind turbines: A parameterized model for Denmark Sacchi, R., Besseau, R., Pérez-López, P. Wind Energy (General) Life Cycle Assessment, Human Dimensions
Resilience and social capital: The engagement of fisheries communities in marine spatial planning Bakker, Y., de Koning, J., van Tatenhove, J. Marine Energy (General), Tidal, Wave Human Dimensions, Fisheries, Marine Spatial Planning
Evaluating the environmental impacts of recycling wind turbines Jensen, J. Wind Energy (General) Life Cycle Assessment
International experiences with opposition to wind energy siting decisions: lessons for environmental and social appraisal Cashmore, M., Rudolph, D., Larsen, S. Wind Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Spoiled darkness? Sense of place and annoyance over obstruction lights from the world’s largest wind turbine test centre in Denmark Rudolph, D., Kirkegaard, J., Lyhne, I. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Lighting Visual Impacts, Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Computationally Efficient Modelling of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of Offshore Wind Turbines on Gravity Footings Damgaard, M., Andersen, L., Ibsen, L. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Habitat Change Physical Environment
Beach response to wave energy converter farms acting as coastal defence Mendoza, E., Silva, R., Zanuttigh, B. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
D2.12 Collation of Wave Simulation Methods Guillouzouic, B. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D2.5 EC Report on Instrumentation Best Practice Têtu, A., Frigaard, P., Kofoed, J. Marine Energy (General), Wave
Marine Renewable Energies: Perspectives and Implications for Marine Ecosystems Azzellino, A., Conley, D., Vicinanza, D. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Ecosystem Processes
A Marine Spatial Planning Framework for the Optimal Siting of Marine Renewable Energy Installations: Two Danish Case Studies Azzellino, A., Kofoed, J., Lanfredi, C. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Marine Spatial Planning, Human Dimensions
D2.1 Wave Instrumentation Database Lawrence, J., Holmes, B., Bryden, I. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D2.14 Wave Data Presentation and Storage Review Magagna, D., Conley, D., Proenca, B. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
A Method for EIA Scoping of Wave Energy Converters - Based on Classification of the Used Technology Margheritini, L., Hansen, A., Frigaard, P. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Physical Environment, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment of the Danish Wave Energy Center Margheritini, L., Azzellino, A. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Noise, EMF, Changes in Flow Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Invertebrates, Fish, Birds
Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converters Used as Coastal Protection: A Physical Model Test Study Nørgaard, J., Andersen, T., Kofoed, J. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow
Wave Energy Converters for use in Coastal Protection Nørgaard, J., Andersen, T. Marine Energy (General), Wave Physical Environment
Application of the Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equations for the Simulation of Wake Effects in the Lee of a Farm of Wave Dragon Wave Energy Converters Beels, C., Troch, P., DeVisch, K. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Toward Best Practices for Public Acceptability in Wave Energy: Whom, When and How to Address Chozas, J., Stefanovich, M., Sørensen, H. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Stakeholder Engagement, Human Dimensions