Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network (MARINET)

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D2.28 Model Construction Methods Thiebaut, F., Sutton, G., Johnstone, C. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D4.13 Report on field buoy research Johanning, L., Harnois, V., Rudolph, C. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D4.05 Non-Intrusive Wave Field Measurement Bourdier, S., Dampney, K., Fernandez, H. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D4.17 Report on environmental monitoring protocols Magagna, D., Lauri, C., Butler, M. Wind Energy (General), Wave, Tidal, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Noise, Habitat Change, Displacement, Collision, Chemicals Seabirds, Marine Mammals, Invertebrates, Fish, Birds
D4.06 Data Reports and Databases: Data on Coastal and Offshore Wind Measurements Courtney, M., Peña, A., Wagner, R. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind
D2.12 Collation of Wave Simulation Methods Guillouzouic, B. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D4.7 Best Practice Report on Environmental Monitoring and New Study Techniques Norris, J., Cowan, D., Bristow, C. Marine Energy (General)
D4.8 Database for Environmental Monitoring Techniques and Equipment Scanu, S., Carli, F., Peviani, M. Marine Energy (General)
D2.5 EC Report on Instrumentation Best Practice Têtu, A., Frigaard, P., Kofoed, J. Marine Energy (General), Wave
D2.6 Report on Offshore Wind System Monitoring Practice and Normalisation Procedures Schaumann, P., Achmus, M., Schlurmann, T. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind
D2.7 Tidal Measurement Best Practice Manual Elsaesser, B., Schmitt, P., Boake, C. Marine Energy (General), Tidal
D2.16 Tidal Test Parameter Overview Germain, G. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
D2.4 Collation of Off‐shore Wind‐Wave Dynamics Bredmose, H., Larsen, S., Matha, D. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind
D2.13 Collation of Model Construction Methods Lopes, M., Candido, J., Mallen, L. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D2.18 Tidal Data Analysis Best Practice Grant, A., McCombes, T., Johnstone, C. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
D2.1 Wave Instrumentation Database Lawrence, J., Holmes, B., Bryden, I. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
D2.14 Wave Data Presentation and Storage Review Magagna, D., Conley, D., Proenca, B. Wave, Marine Energy (General)