Rudolph, D.

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Social Acceptance and Socio-economic Effects of Multi-use Offshore Developments: Theory and Applications off the Liuqiu Island Chen, W., Koundouri, P., Davilla, O. Book Chapter Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data, Visual Impacts
International experiences with opposition to wind energy siting decisions: lessons for environmental and social appraisal Cashmore, M., Rudolph, D., Larsen, S. Journal Article Wind Energy Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data
Community benefits from offshore renewables: The relationship between different understandings of impact, community, and benefit Rudolph, D., Haggett, C., Aitken, M. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Stakeholder Engagement, Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Spoiled darkness? Sense of place and annoyance over obstruction lights from the world’s largest wind turbine test centre in Denmark Rudolph, D., Kirkegaard, J., Lyhne, I. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Lighting Visual Impacts, Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Wind Farms Community Engagement Good Practice Review Aitken, M., Haggett, C., Rudolph, D. Report Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
Practices and rationales of community engagement with wind farms: awareness raising, consultation, empowerm Aitken, M., Haggett, C., Rudolph, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Stakeholder Engagement