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Vertical migrations of fish schools determine overlap with a mobile tidal stream marine renewable energy device Whitton, T., Jackson, S., Hiddink, J. Journal Article Marine Energy (General), Tidal Fish, Pelagic Fish
Regional‐scale patterns of deep seafloor biodiversity for conservation assessment O'Hara, T., Williams, A., Althaus, F. Journal Article Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes
Where the Ecological Gaps Remain, a Modelers' Perspective Fulton, E., Blanchard, J., Melbourne-Thomas, J. Journal Article Human Dimensions
EWTEC 2019 Powering the Blue Economy Specialists Panel: Offshore Renewable Energy Systems in a Growing Economy Hemer, M. Presentation Marine Energy (General)
Relating fish distributions to physical characteristics of a tidal energy candidate site in the Banks Strait, Australia Scherelis, C., Penesis, I., Marsh, P. Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Tidal Fish
Perspectives on a way forward for ocean renewable energy in Australia Hemer, M., Manasseh, R., McInnes, K. Journal Article Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
In situ observations and simulations of coastal wave field transformation by wave energy converters Contardo, S., Hoeke, R., Hemer, M. Journal Article Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Proposed guidelines for preliminary assessments of the physical impacts of wave energy deployments Hemer, M., McInnes, K., O'Grady, J. Conference Paper Marine Energy (General), Wave Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Wave Energy Deployments Physical Impact Guidelines McInnes, K., Hemer, M., O'Grady, J. Report Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Assessing cumulative socio-ecological impacts of offshore wind farm development in the Bay of Seine (English Channel) Raoux, A., Dambacher, J., Pezy, J. Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Ecosystem Processes, Fish, Demersal Fish, Invertebrates, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Implementing marine ecosystem-based management: lessons from Australia Smith, D., Fulton, E., Apfel, P. Journal Article Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy
Social licence in the marine sector: A review of understanding and application Kelly, R., Pecl, G., Fleming, A. Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Stakeholder Engagement, Human Dimensions
Coastal protection through wave farms: Feasibility assessment using numerical wave modelling and parametric study Flocard, F., Hoeke, R. Conference Paper Wave, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Sediment Transport, Physical Environment
Integration of wave energy and other marine renewable energy sources with the needs of coastal societies Manasseh, R., Sannasiraj, S., McInnes, K. Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Wave, Tidal, OTEC, Offshore Wind, Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Installation and operational effects of a HVDC submarine cable in a continental shelf setting: Bass Strait, Australia Sherwood, J., Chidgey, S., Crockett, P. Journal Article EMF, Habitat Change Invertebrates
Australia's Oceans Policy: Past, present and future Vince, J., Smith, A., Sainsbury, K. Journal Article Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy
A multi-model approach to engaging stakeholder and modellers in complex environmental problems Fulton, E., Boschetti, F., Sporcic, M. Journal Article Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
The discourse of "social licence to operate": case study of the Australian wind industry Hall, N. Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
Quantifying Fish Assemblages in Large, Offshore Marine Protected Areas: An Australian Case Study Hill, N., Barrett, N., Lawrence, E. Journal Article Fish, Demersal Fish, Pelagic Fish
Understanding the sources and effects of abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear on marine turtles in northern Australia Wilcox, C., Heathcote, G., Goldberg, J. Journal Article Reptiles
A combined acoustic and optical instrument for industry managed fisheries studies Underwood, M., Sherlock, M., Marouchos, A. Conference Paper Fish
Societal acceptance of wind farms: Analysis of four common themes across Australian case studies Hall, N., Ashworth, P., Devine-Wright, P. Journal Article Wind Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Spatial Variation in Foraging Behaviour of a Marine Top Predator (Phoca vitulina) Determined by a Large-Scale Satellite Tagging Program Sharples, R., Moss, S., Patterson, T. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Seaweed Communities in Retreat from Ocean Warming Wernberg, T., Russell, B., Thomsen, M. Journal Article Physical Environment, Human Dimensions, Climate Change
Tackling ‘ghost nets’: Local solutions to a global issue in northern Australia Gunn, R., Hardesty, B., Butler, J. Journal Article Human Dimensions, Fisheries, Stakeholder Engagement
Entanglement of Australian sea lions and New Zealand fur seals in lost fishing gear and other marine debris before and after Government and industry attempts to reduce the problem Page, B., McKenzie, J., McIntosh, R. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Species identification in deep water using multiple acoustic frequencies Kloser, R., Ryan, T., Sakov, P. Journal Article Fish
Design of operational management strategies for achieving fishery ecosystem objectives Sainsbury, K., Punt, A., Smith, A. Journal Article Human Dimensions, Fisheries