Thomsen, F.

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Title Author Datesort ascending Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
MaRVEN - Environmental Impacts of Noise, Vibrations and Electromagnetic Emissions from Marine Renewable Energy Thomsen, F., et al. September 2015 Report Marine Energy (General) EMF
Marine Mammals - Investigations and preparation of environmental impact assessment for Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm Dietz, R., et al. June 2015 Report Offshore Wind Marine Mammals, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Marine habitat modelling for harbour porpoises in the German Bight Skov, H., et al. January 2014 Book Chapter Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Marine Mammals
Monitoring Guidance for Underwater Noise in European Seas Dekeling, R., et al. May 2013 Report Noise
Potential Interactions between Diadromous Fishes of U.K. Conservation Importance and the Electromagnetic Fields and Subsea Noise from Marine Renewable Energy Developments Gill, A., Bartlett, M., Thomsen, F. July 2012 Journal Article Marine Energy (General) EMF, Noise Fish
Managing Underwater Noise in European Waters - Implementing the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Tasker, M., et al. January 2012 Journal Article Noise
Effects of Pile Driving on the Behavior of Cod and Sole Thomsen, F., et al. January 2012 Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Noise Fish
Field Scale Experiments to Assess the Effects of Offshore Wind Farms on Marine Organisms Gill, A., et al. July 2011 Presentation Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Nearfield Habitat
Cetacean Stock Assessments in Relation to Exploration and Production Industry Activity and Other Human Pressures: Review and Data Needs Thomsen, F., et al. February 2011 Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Effects of Pile-Driving Noise on the Behaviour of Marine Fish Mueller-Blenkle, C., et al. March 2010 Report Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Noise Fish
Overview Of The Impacts Of Anthropogenic Underwater Sound In The Marine Environment Götz, T., et al. January 2009 Conference Paper Marine Energy (General) Noise Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals
Strategic Review of Offshore Wind Farm Monitoring Data Associated with FEPA Licence Conditions: Underwater Noise Pattenden, A., Thomsen, F., Walker, R. January 2009 Report Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Noise
Resolving Fine-Scale Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in the Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena Skov, H., Thomsen, F. December 2008 Journal Article Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Marine Mammals
Potential Effects of Offshore Wind Farm Noise on Fish Thomsen, F., et al. January 2007 Report Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Noise Fish
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