Götz, T.

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Effects of impulsive noise on marine mammals: investigating range‐dependent risk Hastie, G., Merchant, N., Götz, T. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Noise Marine Mammals
Non‐lethal management of carnivore predation: long‐term tests with a startle reflex‐based deterrence system on a fish farm Götz, T., Janik, V. Journal Article Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
The use of Acoustic Deterrents for the mitigation of injury to marine mammals during pile driving for offshore wind farm construction Sparling, C., Sams, C., Stephenson, S. Report Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Attraction, Noise Marine Mammals
Grey Seals use Anthropogenic Signals from Acoustic Tags to Locate Fish: Evidence from a Simulated Foraging Task Stansbury, A., Götz, T., Deecke, V. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Repeated Elicitation of the Acoustic Startle Reflex Leads to Sensitisation in Subsequent Avoidance Behaviour and Induces Fear Conditioning Janik, V., Götz, T. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Aversiveness of Sounds in Phocid Seals: Psycho-Physiological Factors, Learning Processes and Motivation Götz, T., Janik, V. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Overview Of The Impacts Of Anthropogenic Underwater Sound In The Marine Environment Götz, T., Hastie, G., Hatch, L. Conference Paper Marine Energy Noise Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals