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Procedural and distributive justice inform subjectivity regarding wind power: A case from Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Frate, C., Brannstrom, C., de Morais, M. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Human Dimensions, Social & Economic Data
Wind power gone bad: Critiquing wind power planning processes in northeastern Brazil Gorayeb, A., Brannstrom, C., Meireles, A. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Comparison of Recent Oil and Gas, Wind Energy, and Other Anthropogenic Landscape Alteration Factors in Texas Through 2014 Pierre, J., Wolaver, B., Labay, B. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Physical Environment
An approach for evaluating changes in land-use from energy sprawl and other anthropogenic activities with implications for biotic resource management Wolaver, B., Pierre, J., Labay, B. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Reptiles
Impacts of wind turbines on redheads in the Laguna Madre Lange, C., Ballard, B., Collins, D. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Avoidance Waterfowl, Birds
Using GPS Transmitters to Explore Movement Ecology and to Assess Risk of the Wind Energy Industry for Swainson's Hawks Watson, K., Boal, C., Groen, L. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Raptors, Birds
Identifying Peaks in Bat Activity: A New Application of SaTScan Adams, A., Fenton, M. Bats
A Bridge Between Oceans: Overland Migration of Marine Birds in a Wind Energy Corridor Lamb, J., Newstead, D., Koczur, L. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Seabirds, Birds
Behavioral responses of minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) to experimental fishing gear in a coastal environment Kot, B., Sears, R., Nowacek, D. Avoidance Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Comprehensive Guide to Studying Wind Energy Wildlife Interactions Strickland, D., Arnett, E., Erickson, W. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Birds, Bats
Real-Time Environmental Monitoring from a Wind Farm Platform in the Texas Hypoxia Zone Mullins, R., DiMarco, S., Walpert, J. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind
Wind Energy Development, Prescribed Fire and Migratory Land Birds in the Southeastern United States: Breeding, Stopover, and Wintering Habitat Relationships Brennan, L., Ballard, B., Kuvlesky, W. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Birds
Potential Impacts of Wind Farm Energy Development on Upland Game Birds: Questions and Concerns Brennan, L., Perez, R., DeMaso, S. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Birds
Influence of Behavior on Bird Mortality in Wind Energy Developments Smallwood, K., Rugge, L., Morrison, M. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Displacement, Collision, Avoidance Waterfowl, Raptors, Passerines, Birds
Assessing Impacts of Wind-Energy Development on Nocturnally Active Birds and Bats: A Guidance Document Kunz, T., Arnett, E., Cooper, B. Wind Energy (General) Collision Birds, Bats
Impacts of Wind Energy Facilities on Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Arnett, E., Inkley, D., Johnson, D. Wind Energy (General) Habitat Change
Wind Energy Development and Wildlife Conservation: Challenges and Opportunities Kuvlesky, W. Jr., Brennan, L., Morrison, M. Wind Energy (General) Physical Environment, Birds
Burrowing Owl Mortality in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area Smallwood, K., Thelander, C., Morrison, M. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Collision Raptors, Birds
Renewable Energy Resources and Wildlife: Impacts and Opportunities Arnett, E., Strickland, M., Morrison, M. Wind Energy (General) Habitat Change, Collision Birds, Bats
The Tidal-Stream Energy Resource in Passamaquoddy-Cobscook Bays: A Fresh Look at an Old Story Brooks, D. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Bird Movements and Behaviors in the Gulf Coast Region: Relation to Potential Wind-Energy Developments Morrison, M. Wind Energy (General) Habitat Change, Collision Birds
Development of an air bubble curtain to reduce underwater noise of percussive piling Würsig, B., Greene, C., Jefferson, T. Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Influences of Man-Made Noise and Other Human Actions on Cetacean Behaviour Richardson, W., Würsig, B. Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
A Review of Killer Whale Interactions with Other Marine Mammals: Predation to Co-existence Jefferson, T., Stacey, P., Baird, R. Marine Mammals, Cetaceans