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Marine Oil Spills—Oil Pollution, Sources and Effects Zhang, B., Matchinski, E., Chen, B. Chemicals
Marine Oil Spills—Preparedness and Countermeasures Chen, B., Ye, X., Zhang, B. Chemicals
Fine-Scale Foraging Movements by Fish-Eating Killer Whales (Orcinus orca) Relate to the Vertical Distributions and Escape Responses of Salmonid Prey (Oncorhynchus spp.) Wright, B., Ford, J., Ellis, G. Marine Energy (General) Pelagic Fish, Marine Mammals, Fish, Cetaceans
Evaluating riverine hydrokinetic turbine operations relative to the spatial ecology of wild fishes Struthers, D., Gutowsky, L., Enders, E. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Pelagic Fish, Fish, Demersal Fish
Exploring the winners and losers of marine environmental governance Flannery, W., Ellis, G., Nursery-Bray, M. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Effects of submarine power transmission cables on a glass sponge reef and associated megafaunal community Dunham, A., Pegg, J., Carolsfeld, W. Wind Energy (General), Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Invertebrates
Passive Acoustic Telemetry Detection of Striped Bass at the FORCE TISEC Test Site in Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada Broome, J., Redden, A., Keyser, F. Pelagic Fish, Fish
Multibeam Acoustic Detection of Fish and Water Column Targets at High-Flow Sites Melvin, G., Cochrane, N. Marine Energy (General) Fish
Use of Animal Tracking Technology to Assess Potential Risks of Tidal Turbine Interactions with Fish Redden, A., Broome, J., Keyser, F. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Pelagic Fish, Fish, Demersal Fish
Wild Whales Noise and Cetaceans BC Cetacean Sightings Network Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Review and Evaluation of the Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management (ESSIM) Initiative McCuaig, J., Herbert, G. Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
A Framework for Environmental Risk Assessment and Decision-Making for Tidal Energy Development in Canada Isaacman, L., Daborn, G., Redden, A. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Appropriateness of Existing Monitoring Studies for the Fundy Tidal Energy Project and Considerations for Monitoring Commercial Scale Scenarios Fisheries and Oceans Canada Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Physical Environment, Fish
Absolute Probability Estimates of Lethal Vessel Strikes to North Atlantic Right Whales in Roseway Basin, Scotian Shelf van der Hoop, J., Vanderlaan, A., Taggart, C. Collision Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
The Environmental Interactions of Tidal and Wave Energy Generation Devices Frid, C., Andonegi, E., Depestele, J. Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Physical Environment
Pathways of Effects for Offshore Renewable Energy in Canada Isaacman, L., Daborn, G. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General)
Assessment of the Potential of Tidal Power from Minas Passage and Minas Basin Karsten, R., Greenberg, D., Tarbotton, M. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Social & Economic Data, Physical Environment
Far-Field Effects of Tidal Energy Extraction in the Minas Passage on Tidal Circulation in the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine Using a Nested-Grid Coastal Circulation Model Hasegawa, D., Sheng, J., Greenberg, D. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Assessment of Tidal and Wave Energy Conversion Technologies in Canada Fisheries and Oceans Canada Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Current State of Knowledge on the Environmental Impacts of Tidal and Wave Energy Technology in Canada Isaacman, L., Lee, K. Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Potential Impacts of, and Mitigation Strategies for, Small-Scale Tidal Generation Projects on Coastal Marine Ecosystems in the Bay of Fundy Fisheries and Oceans Canada Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Limits To Tidal Current Power Garrett, C., Cummins, P. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
The Efficiency Of A Turbine In A Tidal Channel Garrett, C., Cummins, P. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Process-Driven Characterization and Mapping of Seabed Habitats Kostylev, V., Hannah, C. Invertebrates, Ecosystem Processes
The Power Potential Of Tidal Currents In Channels Garrett, C., Cummins, P. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
A Finite Element Circulation Model for Embayments with Drying Intertidal Areas and its Application to the Quoddy Region of the Bay of Fundy Greenberg, D., Shore, J., Page, F. Tidal, Marine Energy (General)
Behavioural Reactions of Free-Ranging Porpoises and Seals to the Noise of a Simulated 2 MW Windpower Generator Koschinski, S., Culik, B., Henriksen, O. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Noise Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Effect of the Sound Generated by an Acoustic Harassment Device on the Relative Abundance and Distribution of Harbor Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) in Retreat Passage, British Columbia Olesiuk, P., Nichol, L., Sowden, M. Noise Marine Mammals
Underwater Noise of Whale Watching Boats and Potential Effects on Killer Whales (Orcinus orca), Based on an Acoustic Impact Model Erbe, C. Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Escape Responses of Hauled out Ringed Seals (Phoca hispida) to Aircraft Disturbance Born, E., Riget, F., Dietz, R. Noise Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Update on the Marine Environmental Consequences of Tidal Power Development in the Upper Reaches of the Bay of Fundy Gordon, D., Dadswell, M. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Physical Environment