Broome, J.

Background: Researcher
Organization: Acadia University
Department: Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research
Interest: Fish, Marine Mammals, Environmental Effects, Acoustics
Country: Canada

Total results: 8
Title Author Date Sort ascending Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Atlantic Sturgeon Spatial and Temporal Distribution in Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada, a Region of Future Tidal Energy Extraction Stokesbury, M., Logan-Chesney, L., McLean, M. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Fish
Assessing the Performance of Passive Acoustic Monitoring Technologies for Porpoise Detection in a High Flow Tidal Energy Test Site Porskamp, P., Broome, J., Sanderson, B. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Passive Acoustic Telemetry Detection of Striped Bass at the FORCE TISEC Test Site in Minas Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada Broome, J., Redden, A., Keyser, F. Conference Paper Pelagic Fish, Fish
Minas Passage Lobster Tracking Study 2011-2013 Morrison, K., Broome, J., Redden, A. Report Marine Energy, Tidal Invertebrates
Use of Animal Tracking Technology to Assess Potential Risks of Tidal Turbine Interactions with Fish Redden, A., Broome, J., Keyser, F. Presentation Tidal, Marine Energy Pelagic Fish, Fish, Demersal Fish
Listening for Canaries in a Tornado: Acoustic Monitoring for Harbour Porpoise at the FORCE Site Wood, J., Redden, A., Tollit, D. Presentation Marine Mammals
Sediment-Laden Ice Measurements and Observations, and Implications for Potential Interactions of Ice and Large Woody Debris with Tidal Turbines in Minas Passage Sanderson, B., Redden, A., Broome, J. Report Tidal, Marine Energy Collision Fish
Detection of Marine Mammals and Effects Monitoring at the NSPI (OpenHydro) Turbine Site in the Minas Passage during 2010 Tollit, D., Wood, J., Broome, J. Report Tidal, Marine Energy Avoidance Marine Mammals, Cetaceans