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The ocean is key to achieving climate and societal goals Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Northrop, E., Lubchenco, J. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Climate Change
Influence of Tidal Energy Converters on sediment dynamics in tidal channel Auguste, C., Nader, J., Marsh, P. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Sediment Transport, Physical Environment
Renewable energy projections for climate change mitigation: An analysis of uncertainty and errors Indra al Irsyad, M., Halog, A., Nepal, R. Wind Energy (General), Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions, Climate Change
Seabirds Provencher, J., Borrelle, S., Sherley, R. Seabirds, Birds
Ensuring Co-benefits for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Smith, R., Guevara, O., Wenzel, L. Marine Energy (General) Marine Spatial Planning, Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment, Climate Change
Effects of Noise on Marine Mammals Erbe, C., Dunlop, R., Dolman, S. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind, Marine Energy (General) Noise Marine Mammals
A New Wave of Marine Evidence-Based Management: Emerging Challenges and Solutions to Transform Monitoring, Evaluating, and Reporting Addison, P., Collins, D., Trebilco, R. Physical Environment
The intertidal wetlands of southern Jiangsu Province, China – globally important for Spoon-billed Sandpipers and other threatened waterbirds, but facing multiple serious threats Peng, H., Anderson, G., Chang, Q. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Collision, Displacement Birds, Shorebirds
Risk assessment and risk management: a primer for marine scientists Gibbs, M., Browman, H.
The Crowded Sea: Incorporating Multiple Marine Activities in Conservation Plans Can Significantly Alter Spatial Priorities Mazor, T., Possingham, H., Edelist, D. Marine Spatial Planning, Human Dimensions
Evidence of a Lombard Response in Migrating Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) Dunlop, R., Cato, D., Noad, M. Noise Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Vulnerability of Coral Reef Fisheries to a Loss of Structural Complexity Rogers, A., Blanchard, J., Mumby, P. Habitat Change Fish, Pelagic Fish
Evidence of Late-Summer Mating Readiness and Early Sexual Maturation in Migratory Tree-Roosting Bats Found Dead at Wind Turbines Cryan, P., Jameson, J., Baerwald, E. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Collision Bats
Modelling Human Impacts on the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle (Aquila audax fleayi) Bekessy, S., Wintle, B., Gordon, A. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Raptors, Birds