Dannheim, J.

Jennifer DannheimJennifer Dannheim
About Me:

I am a marine ecologist with special focus on anthropogenic impacts (e.g. trawling, offshore structures) on the trophic interactions and energy flow dynamics of the benthic system. I am project leader and principal investigator of two projects on cumulative offshore wind farms effects (OWF, meta-analysis) and on the development of evaluation criteria for marine spatial planning with regard to benthic habitats (German Bight, North Sea). I am managing the database of national benthic data from research projects and all German OWF environmental impact assessments, using the data for large-scale geo-referenced benthic species distribution modelling. I am member of the interdisciplinary research cluster RAVE (Research at alpha ventus) and co-chair of the ICES expert group on marine benthal and renewable energy developments (WGMBRED).

Background: Researcher
Organization: Alfred Wegener Institut, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Department: Biosciences/Functional Ecology
Interest: Ecology of North Sea macrozoobenthos, Anthropogenic impacts on benthos, Trophic functioning of benthos, Benthic habitat mapping
Country: Germany

Total results: 7
Title Author Date Sort ascending Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
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