Borja, A.

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Activity-footprints, pressures-footprints and effects-footprints-Walking the pathway to determining and managing human impacts in the sea Elliott, M., Borja, A., Cormier, R. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Habitat Change Human Dimensions
A modelling approach for offshore wind farm feasibility with respect to ecosystem-based marine spatial planning Pınarbaşı, K., Galparsoro, I., Depellegrin, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Impediments to achieving integrated marine management across borders: The case of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive Cavallo, M., Borja, A., Elliot, M. Journal Article Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Benthos distribution modelling and its relevance for marine ecosystem management Reiss, H., Birchenough, S., Borja, A. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Invertebrates
A Marine Spatial Planning Approach to Select Suitable Areas for Installing Wave Energy Converters on the Basque Continental Shelf (Bay of Biscay) Galparsoro, I., Liria, P., Legorburu, I. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wave Habitat Change Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Minimal Sampling Requirements for a Precise Assessment of Soft-Bottom Macrobenthic Communities, using AMBI Muxika, I., Ibaibarriaga, L., Sáiz, J. Journal Article Invertebrates
An Approach to the Intercalibration of Benthic Ecological Status Assessment in the North Atlantic Ecoregion, According to the European Water Framework Directive Borja, A., Josefson, A., Miles, A. Journal Article Invertebrates