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Environmental Risk Evaluation System - An Approach to Ranking Risk of Ocean Energy Development on Coastal and Estuarine Environments Copping, A., et al. January 2015 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Tidal, Wave, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Chemicals, Dynamic Device, Energy Removal Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals
Screening Analysis for the Environmental Risk Evaluation System - Environmental Effects of MHK Energy Copping, A., et al. September 2011 Report Marine Energy general Chemicals, Dynamic Device, EMF, Energy Removal, Noise, Static Device Invertebrates, Ecosystem Processes, Farfield Environment, Fish, Marine Mammals, Nearfield Habitat, Reptiles
Evaluating Effects of Stressors - Fiscal Year 2010 Progress Report: Environmental Effects of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Anderson, R., Copping, A., Van Cleve, F. November 2010 Report Marine Energy general Dynamic Device, Static Device Invertebrates, Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals
Tethys - Knowledge Management to Support Environmental Risk Modeling and Mitigation in MHK Power Systems Butner, S., et al. September 2010 Presentation Marine Energy general
Applying Risk Science and Stakeholder Engagement to Overcome Environmental Barriers to Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Projects Copping, A., Anderson, R., Van Cleve, F. September 2010 Conference Paper Marine Energy general Human Dimensions, Legal and Policy, Stakeholder Engagement
California Guidelines for Reducing Impacts to Birds and Bats from Wind Energy Development Anderson, R., et al. September 2007 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Bats
Avian Monitoring and Risk Assessment at the San Gorgonio Wind Resource Area Anderson, R., et al. August 2005 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Bats, Birds, Passerines, Raptors, Seabirds
Avian Monitoring and Risk Assessment at the Tehachapi Pass Wind Resource Area: Period of Performance: October 2, 1996 - May 27, 1998 Anderson, R., et al. September 2004 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Dynamic Device, Static Device Birds, Passerines, Raptors, Seabirds
Studying Wind Energy/Bird Interactions: A Guidance Document Anderson, R., et al. December 1999 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind Birds
Studying wind energy/bird interactions: A guidance document. Metrics and methods for determining or monitoring potential impacts on birds at existing and proposed wind energy sites Anderson, R., et al. January 1999 Book Wind Energy general Birds
Standard Metrics and Methods for Conducting Avian/Wind Energy Interaction Studies Anderson, R., et al. January 1997 Report Wind Energy general, Land-Based Wind
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