D2.16 Tidal Test Parameter Overview


Title: D2.16 Tidal Test Parameter Overview
Authors: Germain, G.
Publication Date:
October 30, 2013
Document Number: D2.16
Pages: 9
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Germain, G. (2013). D2.16 Tidal Test Parameter Overview. Report by The French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER). pp 9.

The experimental performance appraisal of tidal energy devices is a crucial aspect of their design and ensures optimality and confidence in performance. The information obtained during testing is used to secure funding and promote device development. The MaRINET project seeks to make available facilities in Europe for testing tidal (and also wave and wind) devices at small, medium and large scales.


This report is concerned with aiding in the identification of the appropriate experimental facility for a scale test of a tidal energy converter. To this end, the principal scaling laws are identified in order to identify the potential penalties associated with scale testing, and then the options available in the MaRINET project for tidal testing are collated. Finally, a decision making tool is presented to aid the process of arriving at an appropriate MaRINET facility for a device test.

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