Jackson, A.

Name: Angus JacksonAngus Jackson
Background: Researcher
Organization: Cornwall College - Newquay
Department: Zoology
Interest: Environmental effects of marine renewables (benthos, fish, seabirds)
Country: United Kingdom

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

Total results: 15
Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Curtailment as a successful method for reducing bat mortality at a southern Australian wind farm Bennett, E., Florent, S., Venosta, M. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Collision Bats, Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy
Survival strategies and molecular responses of two marine mussels to gradual burial by sediment Hutchison, Z., Green, D., Burrows, M. Journal Article Changes in Flow, Habitat Change Physical Environment, Sediment Transport, Invertebrates
Benthic effects of offshore renewables: identification of knowledge gaps and urgently needed research Dannheim, J., Bergström, L., Birchenough, S. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy Invertebrates
Comparative Studies Reveal Variability in the use of Tidal Stream Environments by Seabirds Waggitt, J., Robbins, A., Wade, H. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Habitat Change Birds, Seabirds
Incorporating Data Uncertainty when Estimating Potential Vulnerability of Scottish Seabirds to Marine Renewable Energy Developments Wade, H., Masden, E., Jackson, A. Journal Article Marine Energy Seabirds, Birds
Sustainable Seas Ko ngā moana whakauka: National Science Challenge Hall, J., Thrush, S., Ellis, J. Presentation Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind
Resolving Issues with Environmental Impact Assessment of Marine Renewable Energy Installations Maclean, I., Inger, R., Benson, D. Journal Article Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment, Legal & Policy
Great Skua (Stercorarius skua) Movements at Sea in Relation to Marine Renewable Energy Developments Wade, H., Masden, E., Jackson, A. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Birds, Seabirds
Exploring the Movements of Atlantic Salmon around Scottish Coasts, using Historical Tagging Data and a Simple Agent-Based Modelling Approach Guerin, A., Jackson, A., Youngson, A. Presentation Fish, Pelagic Fish
Riding the waves: use of the Pelamis device by seabirds Jackson, A. Conference Paper Wave Attraction, Habitat Change Birds, Seabirds
Diving Behaviour of Black Guillemots Cepphus grylle in the Pentland Firth, UK: Potential for Interactions with Tidal Stream Energy Developments Masden, E., Foster, S., Jackson, A. Journal Article Tidal, Marine Energy Collision Birds
Renewable Energy Vs. Biodiversity: Policy Conflicts And The Future Of Nature Conservation Jackson, A. Journal Article Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Hebridean Marine Energy Futures (HMEF) Christie, D., Vögler, A., Morrison, J. Research Study Marine Energy, Wave Changes in Flow Birds, Seabirds, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals
Marine Renewable Energy: The Ecological Implications of Altering the Hydrodynamics of the Marine Environment Shields, M., Woolf, D., Grist, E. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Marine Renewable Energy and the Environment (MaREE) Adams, T., Bainbridge, J., Benjamins, S. Research Study Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Changes in Flow, Collision, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Seabirds, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals