Burrows, M.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Survival strategies and molecular responses of two marine mussels to gradual burial by sediment Hutchison, Z., Green, D., Burrows, M. Journal Article Changes in Flow, Habitat Change Physical Environment, Sediment Transport, Invertebrates
Large Scale Three-Dimensional Modelling for Wave and Tidal Energy Resource and Environmental Impact: Methodologies for Quantifying Acceptable Thresholds for Sustainable Exploitation Gallego, A., Side, J., Baston, S. Journal Article Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Developing Methodologies for Large Scale Wave and Tidal Stream Marine Renewable Energy Extraction and its Environmental Impact: An Overview of the TeraWatt Project Side, J., Gallego, A., James, M. Journal Article Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy Changes in Flow
Assessment of Blue Carbon Resources in Scotland's Inshore Marine Protected Area Network Burrows, M., Hughes, D., Austin, W. Report Human Dimensions, Climate Change
Buried Alive: The Behavioural Response of the Mussels, Modiolus modiolus and Mytilus edulis to Sudden Burial by Sediment Hutchison, Z., Hendrick, V., Burrows, M. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Invertebrates
Tidal Energy, Underwater Noise and Marine Mammals Carter, C., Wilson, B., Burrows, M. Presentation Marine Energy, Tidal Noise Marine Mammals
Understanding the potential effects of wave energy devices on kelp biotopes Macleod, A., Orr, K., Greenhill, L. Report Wave Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes
Offshore Marine Renewable Energy Devices as Stepping Stones Across Biogeographical Boundaries Adams, T., Miller, R., Aleynik, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Invertebrates, Ecosystem Processes
Marine Renewable Energy Development: Assessing the Benthic Footprint at Multiple Scales Miller, R., Hutchison, Z., Macleod, A. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Habitat Change Invertebrates
Large Scale Interactive Coupled 3D Modelled for Wave and Tidal Energy Resource and Environmental Impact (TeraWatt) Heath, M., Harris, R., McKee, D. Research Study Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Collision, Habitat Change Invertebrates
Impacts of Offshore Renewable Energy Devices on Population Connectivity Adams, T., Miller, R., Aleynik, D. Research Study Marine Energy Habitat Change, Collision Invertebrates