Apolonia, M.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Project Summary of Outcomes and Results of Wave Energy in Southern Europe (WESE) Project Bald, J., Uyarra, M., Menchaca, I. Report Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave EMF, Habitat Change, Noise Physical Environment, Human Dimensions, Marine Spatial Planning
Legal and Political Barriers and Enablers to the Deployment of Marine Renewable Energy Apolonia, M., Fofack-Garcia, R., Noble, D. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy, Social & Economic Data
Life Cycle Assessment of an Oscillating Wave Surge Energy Converter Apolonia, M., Simas, T. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wave Human Dimensions, Life Cycle Assessment
Deliverable 4.2 Review of consenting processes for wave energy in Spain and Portugal focusing on risk-based approach and Adaptive Management Bald, J., Apolonia, M. Report Marine Energy, Wave Human Dimensions
DTOceanPlus Apolonia, M., Simas, T., Fonseca, F. Research Study Marine Energy, Ocean Current, Tidal, Wave
Deliverable 4.1 Stakeholder Database Galsparsoro, I., Mentxaka, I., Apolonia, M. Report Marine Energy, Wave Human Dimensions, Stakeholder Engagement
MegaRoller Apolonia, M., Simas, T. Research Study Marine Energy, Wave Changes in Flow, Chemicals, Collision, EMF, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals, Reptiles, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment