OES-Environmental distributes metadata forms (questionnaires) to solicit information from researchers around the world who are exploring the environmental effects of marine renewable energy. This page provides a description and contact information related to the research. Content is updated on an annual basis.


Study Status: 
In Progress
Princple Investigator Contact Information: 

Maria Apolonia

E-mail: maria.apolonia@wavec.org

Project Description: 

Built upon DTOcean project foundation, DTOceanPlus will develop and demonstrate a suite of 2nd generation advanced design tools for the selection, development and deployment of ocean energy systems, aligning innovation and development processes with those used in mature engineering sectors. WavEC will be responsible for an analysis on relevant legal, institutional and political frameworks for the ocean energy sector.

Funding Source: 

European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Funding Contact: 

EDP (NEW), France Energies Marines, University of Edinburgh, WavEC Offshore Renewables, Wave Energy Scotland

Project Aims: 

WP 8 – Market Analysis - Task 8.5 – Relevant legal, institutional and political frameworks

At a higher level, report how legal, institutional and political frameworks could act as a barrier or enabling element for future deployment of ocean energy.

Project Progress: 


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