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Effects of EMF emissions from undersea electric cables on coral reef fish Kilfoyle, A., Jermain, R., Dhanak, M. EMF Fish
Morphological Process of a Restored Estuary Downstream of a Tidal Barrier Kuang, C., Liang, H., Gu, J. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Sediment Transport, Physical Environment
Assessment of Electromagnetic Field Emissions from Subsea Cables Dhanak, M., Coulson, R., Dibiasio, C. Marine Energy (General) EMF
Quantification of Massive Seasonal Aggregations of Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) in Southeast Florida Kajiura, S., Tellman, S. Pelagic Fish, Fish
Seasonal Variation in Sea Turtle Density and Abundance in the Southeast Florida Current and Surrounding Waters Bovery, C., Wyneken, J. Reptiles
AUV-based characterization of EMF emissions from submerged power cables Dhanak, M., An, E., Coulson, R. EMF
Characterization of EMF Emissions from Submarine Cables and Monitoring for Potential Responses of Marine Species Dhanak, M., Kilfoyle, A., Ravenna, S. EMF
In-Stream Hydrokinetic Power: Review and Appraisal VanZwieten, J., McAnally, W, Ahmad, J. Marine Energy (General)
Effects of EMF Emissions from Undersea Electric Cables on Coral Reef Fish Kilfoyle, A., Jermain, R., Dhanak, M. EMF Fish
Bioelectric Fields of Marine Organisms: Voltage and Frequency Contributions to Detectability by Electroreceptive Predators Bedore, C., Kajiura, S. EMF Invertebrates, Fish
Siting Study for a Hydrokinetic Energy Project Located Offshore Southeastern Florida: Protocols for Survey Methodology for Offshore Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Projects Dehlsen Associates Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Physical Environment, Invertebrates
Design and Development of Video Acquisition System for Aerial Surveys of Marine Animals Aghera, S. Reptiles, Marine Mammals
Estimates of Water Turbine Noise Levels Guerra, J. Marine Energy (General) Noise
The Florida Current: A Clean but Challenging Energy Resource Hanson, H., Bozek, A., Duerr, A. Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General)
Coastal Marine Animal Surveys Kajiura, S. Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change, EMF Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Fish
Sea Turtles in the Straits of Florida Wyneken, J. Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Fish
Assessing Resource Assessment for MRE Hanson, H., Bozec, A., Duerr, A. Marine Energy (General)
Power Availability in the Florida Current and Impact of its Extraction on the Gulf Stream Bozec, A., Hanson, H., Duerr, A. Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Ocean Current Turbine Rotor Noise Glegg, S. Tidal, Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Noise Marine Mammals
Open-Ocean Energy Production: The Environmental Context Hanson, H. Marine Energy (General)
Coating Selection Process for Gulf Stream Hydroturbines Bak, A. Wave, Marine Energy (General)
Hydrokinetic Energy in the United States - Resources, Challenges, and Opportunities Previsic, M., Moreno, A., Bedard, R. Marine Energy (General) Human Dimensions
MRE Extraction and Gulf Stream Dynamics Hanson, H., Chassignet, E., Bosec, A. Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change, Changes in Flow