Coating Selection Process for Gulf Stream Hydroturbines


Title: Coating Selection Process for Gulf Stream Hydroturbines
Authors: Bak, A.
Publication Date:
December 01, 2009
Thesis Type: Master's Thesis
Academic Department: The College of Engineering and Computer Science
Volume: Master of Science
Pages: 66
Technology Type:

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Bak, A. (2009). Coating Selection Process for Gulf Stream Hydroturbines. Master's Thesis, Florida Atlantic University.

The study addresses the coating selection for a proposed placement of a hydroturbine into the Gulf Stream. The turbine will generate energy in a similar manner to a wind turbine. The effects of biofouling and corrosion in the current project are assessed. A review of different types of traditional paint coatings is given, as well as the option for a copper-nickel alloy. Testing that should be undertaken for the coating selection is described in detail. Coating considerations are offered and discussed. Design considerations and modifications are also offered.

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