Estimates of Water Turbine Noise Levels


Title: Estimates of Water Turbine Noise Levels
Authors: Guerra, J.
Publication Date:
May 01, 2011
Thesis Type: Master's Thesis
Pages: 92
Technology Type:

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Guerra, J. (2011). Estimates of Water Turbine Noise Levels. Master's Thesis, Florida Atlantic University.

This work seeks to understand water turbine noise generation and to make preliminary estimations of the noise levels. Any structure attached to a turbine upstream its blades will generate unsteady fluctuating loads on the blade's surface, which are proportional to the radiated acoustic pressure. The noise levels of a simplified turbine based on existing designs surpass the ambient noise levels if the ocean at low frequencies (<20 Hz) by approximately 50 dB ref 1μPa, and stay under the ambient noise levels at higher frequencies for a blade-passing frequency of 0.83 Hz and point of observation (100 m, 45°, 45°) from the hub. Streamlining the cross-section of the upstream structure as well as reducing its width decrease the noise levels by approximately 40 dB ref 1 μPa, at low frequencies and moderately increase them at higher frequencies. Increasing the structure-rotor distance decreases the noise levels with increasing frequencies (>30 Hz).

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