Stenhouse, I.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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A framework for studying the effects of offshore wind energy development on birds and bats in the Eastern United States Williams, K., Gulka, J., Cook, A. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Attraction, Avoidance, Collision, Displacement Bats, Birds
Surface and subsurface oceanographic features drive forage fish distributions and aggregations: Implications for prey availability to top predators in the US Northeast Shelf ecosystem Goetsch, C., Gulka, J., Friedland, K. Journal Article Fish, Pelagic Fish
Assessing individual movement, habitat use, and behavior of non-breeding marine birds in relation to prey availability in the US Atlantic Gulka, J., Berlin, A., Friedland, K. Journal Article Birds, Fish, Pelagic Fish
An assessment of high-risk regions for seabirds in the Gulf of Maine draft call area Stepanuk, J., Gilbert, A., Stenhouse, I. Report Birds, Seabirds
Sunrise Wind COP Appendix P2: Post-construction Avian and Bat Monitoring Framework Wing Goodale, M., Gilbert, A., Stenhouse, I. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Bats, Birds
Multispecies tracking reveals a major seabird hotspot in the North Atlantic Davies, T., Carneiro, A., Tarzia, M. Journal Article Wind Energy Birds, Seabirds, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
Assessing the exposure of three diving bird species to offshore wind areas on the U.S. Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf using satellite telemetry Stenhouse, I., Berlin, A., Gilbert, A. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Displacement Birds, Seabirds, Waterfowl
Determining Fine-Scale Use and Movement Patterns of Diving Bird Species in Federal Waters of the Mid-Atlantic United States Using Satellite Telemetry Spiegel, C., Berlin, A., Gilbert, A. Report Birds, Seabirds
Offshore Observations of Eastern Red Bats (Lasiurus borealis) in the Mid-Atlantic United States Using Multiple Survey Methods Hatch, S., Connelly, E., Divoll, T. Journal Article Bats