Geerlofs, S.

Background: Researcher
Organization: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Department: Marine Sciences Laboratory
Interest: Coastal and marine spatial planning, marine renewable energy regulatory analysis, stakeholder outreach
Country: United States of America

Total results: 7
Title Author Date Sort ascending Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Powering the Blue Economy: Exploring Opportunities for Marine Renewable Energy in Maritime Markets LiVecchi, A., Copping, A., Jenne, D. Report Marine Energy Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Assessing Environmental Effects (WREN): Adaptive Management White Paper Hanna, L., Copping, A., Geerlofs, S. Report Wind Energy Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy
Enabling Siting and Permitting of Marine Energy Devices, in Conjunction with Engineering Design and Deployment Strategies Copping, A., Geerlofs, S., Hanna, L. Conference Paper Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Modeling of In-Stream Tidal Energy Development and its Potential Effects in Tacoma Narrows Washington USA Yang, Z., Wang, T., Copping, A. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow Physical Environment, Water Quality
Environmental Effects of Marine Energy Development around the World: Annex IV Final Report Copping, A., Hanna, L., Whiting, J. Report Wave, Tidal, Marine Energy
Updated Summary of Knowledge: Selected Areas of the Pacific Coast Kaplan, B., Beegle-Krause, C., McCay, D. Report Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Birds, Ecosystem Processes, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals, Reptiles, Human Dimensions
Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Development Technical Support and General Environmental Studies Copping, A., Geerlofs, S. Report Marine Energy Human Dimensions