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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wake Interactions of Marine Hydrokinetic Turbines Gotelli, C., Musa, M., Guala, M. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Ecosystem Processes
Interaction between hydrokinetic turbine wakes and sediment dynamics: array performance and geomorphic effects under different siting strategies and sediment transport conditions Musa, M., Hill, C., Guala, M. Marine Energy (General), Riverine Changes in Flow Physical Environment, Sediment Transport
Local and Non-local Geomorphic Effects of Hydrokinetic Turbines: Bridging Renewable Energy and River Morphodynamics Musa, M. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Physical Environment
Wind farms have cascading impacts on ecosystems across trophic levels Thaker, M., Zambre, A., Bhosale, H. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Raptors, Ecosystem Processes, Birds
The auditory attributes of Golden Eagles: Do Golden (Aquila chrysaetos) and Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) share the same auditory space? Walsh, E., Nelson, P., Ponder, J. Wind Energy (General) Birds
Performance and resilience of hydrokinetic turbine arrays under large migrating fluvial bedforms Musa, M., Hill, C., Sotiropoulos, F. Riverine, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Sediment Transport, Physical Environment
Local scour around a model hydrokinetic turbine in an erodible channel Hill, C., Musa, M., Chamorro, L. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Habitat Change Physical Environment
Predictive model for local scour downstream of hydrokinetic turbines in erodible channels Musa, M., Heisel, M., Guala, M. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Collision
A Review of Options for Mitigating Take of Golden Eagles at Wind Energy Facilities Allison, T., Cochrane, J., Lonsdorf, E. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Raptors, Birds
A Method to Assess the Population-Level Consequences of Wind Energy Facilities on Bird and Bat Species Diffendorfer, J., Beston, J., Merrill, M. Wind Energy (General) Birds, Bats
Interaction between instream axial flow hydrokinetic turbines and uni-directional flow bedforms Hill, C., Musa, M., Guala, M. Tidal, Ocean Current, Marine Energy (General) Physical Environment
Hydrokinetic Turbine Models in Complex Channel Topography: Local Scour, Sediment Transport and Device Performance Hill, C., Kozarek, J., Sotiropoulos, F. Tidal, Marine Energy (General) Changes in Flow Sediment Transport, Physical Environment
Behavior of Bats at Wind Turbines Cryan, P., Gorresen, P., Hein, C. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Displacement, Collision, Changes in Flow, Avoidance, Attraction Bats
Assessing Bat and Bird Fatality Risk at Wind Farm Sites using Acoustic Detectors Heist, K. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Collision Birds, Bats
Large-Eddy Simulation of Offshore Wind Farm Yang, D., Meneveau, C., Shen, L. Wind Energy (General), Offshore Wind Changes in Flow
Experimental study of the impact of large-scale wind farms on land–atmosphere exchanges Zhang, W., Markfort, C., Porte-Agel, F. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Physical Environment
Catching the Right Wave: Evaluating Wave Energy Resources and Potential Compatibility with Existing Marine and Coastal Uses Kim, C., Toft, J., Papenfus, M. Wave, Marine Energy (General) Marine Spatial Planning, Human Dimensions
Determination of Raptor Migratory Patterns Over a Large Landscape Seeland, H., Niemi, G., Regal, R. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Birds
Numerical Simulation of 3D Flow Past a Real-Life Marine Hydrokinetic Turbine Kang, S., Borazjani, I., Colby, J. Marine Energy (General)
Development of a Comprehensive Conservation Strategy for the North Shore Region of Minnesota in the Context of Future Wind Power Development Peterson, A., Niemi, G. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change, Collision Raptors, Passerines, Birds
Determination of Raptor Migratory Pathways over a Large Landscape Seeland, H. Wind Energy (General), Land-Based Wind Habitat Change, Collision Raptors, Birds
Impacts of Wind Energy Facilities on Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Arnett, E., Inkley, D., Johnson, D. Wind Energy (General) Habitat Change