Li, H.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Prioritizing landscapes for mitigating the impacts of onshore wind farms on multidimensional waterbird diversity in the Yellow Sea Zhao, S., Xu, H., Wang, T. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Birds, Shorebirds
A New Miniaturized Acoustic Transmitter for Marine Animal Tracking Li, H., Deng, Z., Lu, Z. Journal Article Marine Energy Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals
Wave energy: history, implementations, environmental impacts, and economics Li, H., Sun, X., Zhou, H. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Wave Chemicals, Collision, Displacement Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals, Human Dimensions, Legal & Policy, Social & Economic Data
A Miniature Radio-Frequency Transmitter for Environmental Permitting and Mitigation of Wind Energy Deng, D., Lu, J., Duberstein, C. Presentation Wind Energy Attraction, Avoidance, Collision Bats
A Frequency-Programmable Miniaturized Radio Frequency Transmitter for Animal Tracking Lu, J., Li, H., Tian, C. Journal Article
NABat: A top-down, bottom-up solution to collaborative continental-scale monitoring Reichert, B., Bayless, M., Cheng, T. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Bats, Human Dimensions
A comparative analysis of the life cycle environmental emissions from wind and coal power: Evidence from China Li, H., Jiang, H., Dong, K. Journal Article Wind Energy Human Dimensions, Life Cycle Assessment