Hammond, P.

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Changing distribution of the east coast of Scotland bottlenose dolphin population and the challenges of area‚Äźbased management Civil, M., Quick, N., Cheney, B. Journal Article Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Mammals, Human Dimensions, Cetaceans
Improving understanding of bottlenose dolphin movements along the east coast of Scotland (Interim Report 2019) Arso Civil, M., Louis, M., Hague, E. Report Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Avoidance of Wind Farms by Harbour Seals is Limited to Pile Driving Activities Russell, D., Hastie, G., Thompson, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Avoidance, Noise Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Impacts of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Life: Publication Patterns, New Discoveries, and Future Directions in Research and Management Williams, R., Wright, A., Ashe, E. Journal Article Noise Reptiles, Marine Mammals, Invertebrates, Fish
MR6.1 Review of Methodology and Main Results of the JCP Analysis of Cetacean Densities in the Context of Marine Renewable Development Lonergan, M., Hammond, P. Report Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Modelling Harbour Seal Habitat by Combining Data from Multiple Tracking Bailey, H., Hammond, P., Thompson, P. Journal Article Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Habitat Preferences and Distribution of the Harbour Porpoise Phocoena phocoena West of Scotland Booth, C., Embling, C., Gordon, J. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Spatial Variation in Foraging Behaviour of a Marine Top Predator (Phoca vitulina) Determined by a Large-Scale Satellite Tagging Program Sharples, R., Moss, S., Patterson, T. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Using Habitat Models to Identify Suitable Sites for Marine Protected Areas for Harbour Porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) Embling, C., Gillibrand, P., Gordon, J. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Estimating Harbour Seal Abundance and Status in an Estuarine Habitat in North-East Scotland Thompson, P., Tollit, D., Wood, D. Journal Article Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals