Gillibrand, P.

Name: Philip Gillibrand
Background: Researcher
Organization: University of the Highlands and Islands
Department: Environmental Research Institute
Interest: Coastal physical oceanography; marine renewables
Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at North Highland College, University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland.

I am a physical oceanographer with interests in hydrodynamic and bio-physical modelling of the coastal zone, and the application of these models, together with observational data, to understand the dynamics and behaviour of coastal systems. I have published papers on the circulation, exchange and deep water renewal of Scottish fjords; the Scottish coastal current; the environmental impacts of finfish aquaculture; and tsunami inundation and coastal oceanography in New Zealand.

I joined ERI in May 2014 to work on questions relating to marine energy resource assessment and interactions between marine renewable energy developments and the environment, in particular in-stream and wave energy developments.


Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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