Moss, S.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Sympatric Seals, Satellite Tracking and Protected Areas: Habitat-Based Distribution Estimates for Conservation and Management Carter, M., Boehme, L., Cronin, M. Journal Article Displacement Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Quantifying the effects of tidal turbine array operations on the distribution of marine mammals: Implications for collision risk Onoufriou, J., Russell, D., Thompson, D. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Avoidance, Collision Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Automated detection and tracking of marine mammals: A novel sonar tool for monitoring effects of marine industry Hastie, G., Wu, G., Moss, S. Journal Article Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Empirical Determination of Severe Trauma in Seals from Collisions with Tidal Turbine Blade Onoufriou, J., Brownlow, A., Moss, S. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds, Marine Spatial Planning
Dynamic habitat corridors for marine predators; intensive use of a coastal channel by harbour seals is modulated by tidal currents Hastie, G., Russell, D., Benjamins, S. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
MR7.2.3 Collision Risk and Impact Study: Field Tests of Turbine Blade-Seal Carcass Collisions Thompson, D., Brownlow, A., Onoufriou, J. Report Tidal, Marine Energy Collision Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Sound Exposure in Harbour Seals During the Installation of an Offshore Wind Farm: Predictions of Auditory Damage Hastie, G., Russell, D., McConnell, B. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Noise Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals
Marine Mammals Trace Anthropogenic Structures at Sea Russell, D., Brasseur, S., Thompson, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Habitat Change Pinnipeds, Marine Mammals, Ecosystem Processes
Movement Patterns of Seals in Tidally Energetic Sites: Implications for Renewable Energy Development Hastie, G., Benjamins, S., Bird, A. Presentation Marine Energy, Tidal Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds
Spatial Variation in Foraging Behaviour of a Marine Top Predator (Phoca vitulina) Determined by a Large-Scale Satellite Tagging Program Sharples, R., Moss, S., Patterson, T. Journal Article Marine Mammals, Pinnipeds