Jude, S.

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Offshore multi-purpose platforms for a Blue Growth: A technological, environmental and socio-economic review Abhinav, K., Collu, M., Benjamins, S. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Human Dimensions
Environmental implications of offshore energy Gill, A., Birchenough, S., Jones, A. Book Chapter Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy
Obligations and Aspirations: A Critical Evaluation of Offshore Wind Farm Cumulative Impact Assessments Willsteed, E., Jude, S., Gill, A. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind Physical Environment
Assessing the Cumulative Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Developments: Establishing Common Ground Willsteed, E., Gill, A., Birchenough, S. Journal Article Marine Energy Physical Environment
Establishing a legal research agenda for ocean energy Wright, G., O'Hagan, A., Groot, J. Journal Article Marine Energy Legal & Policy, Human Dimensions
Establishing an Agenda for Social Studies Research in Marine Renewable Energy Kerr, S., Watt, L., Colton, J. Journal Article Wind Energy, Offshore Wind, Marine Energy Social & Economic Data, Human Dimensions
Understanding How Marine Renewable Device Operations Influence Fine Scale Habitat Use & Behaviour of Marine Vertebrates (RESPONSE) Thompson, D., Wilson, B., Lepper, P. Research Study Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Habitat Change Marine Mammals