Heymans, J.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Impacts of human activities on the supply of marine ecosystem services: A conceptual model for offshore wind farms to aid quantitative assessments Van de Pol, L., Van der Biest, K., Taelman, S. E. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes
Modeling Small Scale Impacts of Multi-Purpose Platforms: An Ecosystem Approach Serpetti, N., Benjamins, S., Brain, S. Journal Article Wind Energy, Floating Offshore Wind Attraction, Avoidance, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Ecosystem Processes, Fish, Marine Mammals, Physical Environment, Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Vitamine ENA: A framework for the development of ecosystem-based indicators for decision makers Safi, G., Giebels, D., Arroyo, N. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Ecosystem Processes, Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment
A risk-based approach to cumulative effect assessments for marine management Stelzenm├╝ller, V., Coll, M., Mazaris, A. Journal Article Human Dimensions
Spatial Ecosystem Modelling of Marine Renewable Energy Installations: Gauging the Utility of Ecospace Alexander, K., Meyjes, S., Heymans, J. Journal Article Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Fisheries
Resolving Issues with Environmental Impact Assessment of Marine Renewable Energy Installations Maclean, I., Inger, R., Benson, D. Journal Article Marine Energy Human Dimensions, Environmental Impact Assessment, Legal & Policy