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Block Island Wind Farm


The Organizations page lists the over 1,700 organizations, universities, and government agencies from around the world that are involved with wind and marine renewable energy. Each page highlights all of the documents in Tethys affiliated with an organization.

The Databases page lists external databases with information relevant to the development of wind and marine renewable energy around the world. 

The Tethys Community page lists contact information for all of the researchers, regulators, developers, and other stakeholders who have registered an account on Tethys and provided consent to share their information. 

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Tethys: Enhancing the Understanding of Environmental Effects of Wind Energy

Tethys is a publicly accessible online knowledge base that facilitates the exchange and dissemination of information on environmental effects of wind (land-based and offshore) and marine renewable energyTethys supports the wind community by sharing the knowledge needed to advance wind energy development in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Tethys provides land-based and offshore wind energy information and research findings that can support siting, permitting processes, management decisions, and operational strategies while minimizing risk to the environment, for use by researchers. regulators, device and project developers, and other stakeholders. Tethys hosts scientific papers, reports, and other media; creates a collaborative space for researchers, project developers, regulators, and other stakeholders; and provides a central location for archived webinars, listing of events, contacts for individuals and organizations, and links to related databases.

Tethys Knowledge Base & Map Viewer

Tethys hosts over 4,000 documents (peer-reviewed and grey literature) pertinent to the environmental effects of wind energy. There are several pathways by which users can find content to suit their needs. Documents available in the Tethys Knowledge Base can be filtered by content type (e.g., journal article, conference paper), technology type (land-based or offshore wind), or specific environmental effect (such as bat collisions). Documents that are geotagged can also be found by location on the Tethys Map Viewer. For more information on each of the tags used throughout Tethys, check out the Glossary.

Tethys Event Calendar

The Event Calendar highlights key events from around the world related to the development and environmental effects of wind and marine renewable energy, including conferences, workshops, webinars, and more. If you would like to recommend an event for the calendar, please email

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Tethys Stories

Tethys Stories provide insight into advancing the wind and marine renewable energy industries in an environmentally responsible manner, contributed from individuals working in the field. The stories feature information on new projects, interesting research findings, and international collaborations relevant to wind and marine renewable energy development activities.

For more information on Tethys, visit the About Tethys page.


WREN (Working Together to Resolve Environmental Effects of Wind Energy) is a collaborative initiative of 12 countries under the International Energy Agency Wind Committee. WREN was established in 2012 to address the environmental interactions of wind energy and wildlife. Tethys acts as a collaborative space for WREN, hosting white papers, short science summaries, and webinars.

WREN Webinars

WREN hosts a series of webinars featuring international experts who discuss the latest research findings and collaborative efforts to understand wind and wildlife interactions for an international audience. Recent webinars of interest include:

WREN White Papers

WREN publishes white papers that investigate wind and wildlife topics that are not addressed within the existing literature. Specifically, the white papers focus research findings to support management of wind energy development, to promote discussion of these issues within the wind community, and to support improved outcomes for wind and wildlife interactions. WREN white papers include topics related to:

For more information on WREN activities and products, visit the About WREN page.