Williams, J.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Red rock crab (Cancer productus) movement is not influenced by electromagnetic fields produced by a submarine power transmission cable Williams, J., Jaco, E., Scholz, Z. Journal Article Marine Energy, Wind Energy EMF Invertebrates
Minimizing habitat conflicts in meeting net-zero energy targets in the western United States Wu, G., Jones, R., Leslie, E. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind, Fixed Offshore Wind, Floating Offshore Wind Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes
Supplemental Data Regarding the Behavioral Response of Rock Crabs to the EMF of Subsea Cables and Potential Impact to Fisheries Williams, J., Jaco, E., Scholz, Z. Report Marine Energy, Wind Energy EMF Invertebrates
Red-throated Diver Energetics Project: Preliminary Results from 2018/19 Duckworth, J., Green, J., Daunt, F. Report Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Displacement Birds, Waterfowl
Current Ability to Assess Impacts of Electromagnetic Fields Associated with Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies on Marine Fishes in Hawaii Claisse, J., Pondella, D., Williams, C. Report Marine Energy EMF Fish
Oil Platforms off California are Among the Most Productive Marine Fish Habitats Globally Claisse, J., Pondella, D., Love, M. Journal Article Habitat Change Pelagic Fish, Fish, Ecosystem Processes, Demersal Fish
Anthropogenic noise causes body malformations and delays development in marine larvae de Soto, N., Delorme, N., Atkins, J. Journal Article Noise