Sangiuliano, S.

Name: Stephen Sangiuliano
Background: Student
Organization: Marine Scotland Science
Interest: Tidal current turbine commercial deployment
Country: Canada

About Me:

I am a Canadian Masters student specializing in marine spatial planning for tidal current turbines. I am currently working for Marine Scotland Science undertaking a quality review of the Scottish sectoral tidal energy plan against the ICES MSP Quality Management System. Furthermore, I am engaged with the NorthSEE project where I am devising a template to determine the status-quo of sectoral offshore energy planning amonst North Sea EU member states. I have a publication posted on my host university's Sustainable Energy Initiative website entitled "Turning of the tides: Assessing the international implementation of tidal current turbines" ( I am aiming to enter a PhD in international tidal energy project financing this coming January 2017. I am aspiring to enter the tidal energy development industry.

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