Annex IV Experts Workshop 2010


Title: Annex IV Experts Workshop 2010
Dublin, Ireland
Date: September 27 - 28,
2010 UTC+01:00
Technology Type:

Assessment of Environmental Effects and Monitoring Efforts for Ocean Wave, Tidal and Current Energy Systems


This workshop was held September 27-28, 2010 in Dublin, Ireland (Clontorf Castle Hotel). The meeting was held under the International Energy Agency's implementing agreement on Ocean Energy Systems and collaboration with the Department of Energy. The workshop brought 58 technical experts to submit input on environmental effects of MHK devices. The focus was on Knowledge Management System Database, environmental effects of MHK devices, case study projects, and data collection. In addition, the workshop assessed strategies to mitigate potential environmental impacts.



  • Refine and prioritise the list of environmental issues of concern
  • Identify MHK projects or other research where specific environmental impacts of concern are being monitored and data
  • Identify gaps where information on environmental impacts of concern is lacking or will be difficult to collect in the near future
  • Identify possible analogous sources of data from other industries that operate in the ocean environment
  • Identify a range of case studies for further analysis where extensive monitoring or mitigation of impacts was successful
  • Review the initial version of the database which will house all information collected on environmental monitoring and impacts with suggestions for improvements
  • Propose methods for data collection and submission to database and identify responsible parties for data collection


OES Annex IV Workshop Report

On September 27-28, 2010, 58 experts from eight countries attended the OES Annex IV Workshop located in Dublin, Ireland. The objective of the workshop was to provide input on environmental effects of marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) energy generation and to provide information on the following thematic areas: a) development of a knowledge management system database; b) environmental effects of MHK devices; c) case study projects; and d) data collection. The following report was generated in order to highlight the progress and outcomes of this workshop. For more information, please see the OES Annex IV Workshop Report.




  1. Presentation by Hoyt Battey: Annex IV Project - Ocean Energy Systems Implementing Agreement
  2. Presentation by Andrea Copping (1): IEA-OES Annex IV
  3. Presentation by Simas, Moura, Conley: List of Environmental Effects of MHK Devices
  4. Presentation by Sue Barr: The Reality of Environmental Compliance
  5. Presentation by Scott Butner: Tethys - Knowledge Management to Support Environmental Risk Modeling and Mitigation in MHK Power Systems
  6. Presentation by Daniel Conley: Effective Monitoring Strategies
  7. Presentation by David Ainsworth: SeaGen Tidal Turbine - An Exercise in Adaptive Management
  8. Presentation by Kristin Anderson: The environmental work within the Vattenfall Ocean Energy Programme
  9. Presentation by Marc Murray: Making Marine Renewable Energy Mainstream
  10. Presentation by Andrea Copping (2): Annex IV Goals
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