Title: IEA-OES Annex IV
Authors: Copping, A.
Publication Date:
September 27, 2010
Conference Name: International Energy Agency - Annex IV Experts' Workshop
Conference Location: Dublin, Ireland
Pages: 12
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Copping, A. (2010). IEA-OES Annex IV [Presentation]. Presented at the International Energy Agency - Annex IV Experts' Workshop, Dublin, Ireland.

This presentation, presented by Andrea Copping, discusses the Annex IV process in depth. Firstly, the Annex IV is a searchable database under development by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with an emphasis on expert analysis at the start up. The Wave Energy Center and the University of Plymouth are key contributors. They also work with PNNL on modifications. The funding for Annex IV comes from member nations.


There are three initial tasks that fall under the Wave Energy Center and the University of Plymouth’s responsibility. The first task is data gathering. The WC/UP will review literature for information on environmental effects, assemble list of potential environmental effects and evaluate environmental problems. Secondly, the WC/UP will obtain and organize data from the member nations, making modification with PNNL as necessary. Lastly, the WC/UP should conduct analysis and report development. The final phase of Annex IV conclude with expert workshops. Professionals in the field will assess environmental concerns, identify case studies and review the database.

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