Annex IV Goals


Title: Annex IV Goals
Authors: Copping, A.
Publication Date:
April 01, 2011
Conference Name: International Energy Agency - Annex IV Experts' Workshop
Pages: 4
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Copping, A. (2011). Annex IV Goals [Presentation]. Presented at the International Energy Agency - Annex IV Experts' Workshop.

The Annex IV has several goals. The goals include: share lessons learned internationally on environmental effects of MHK, accumulate environmental effects data from projects around the world into an accessible database, and maintain searchable data. The overall purpose of the database is consolidate early results and best practices in a location for future data population, have common set of data for everyone, have available results, and lower interaction cost among developers, regulators and stakeholders. The Matrix, developed by WC/UP, will assist determining scope in environmental effects. Furthermore, the Annex IV will archive data, provide data sets for analysis, accept results, and will not be used to change government policy. Other features maintain consolidation between regulators and regulatory requirements.

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