Webinars for Marine and Wind Energy and the Environment

Tethys hosts regular webinars pertaining to topics of environmental concern, as a means to effectively disseminate new information and research efforts to a large international audience of stakeholders. Anyone is welcome to attend these live webinars and participate in a live question and answer session with the presenters. Information for attending these live webinars is distributed to a public mailing list (separate lists for wind and water). Ongoing webinars on Tethys are sponsored by OES-Environmental and WREN.

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Below is a list of past webinars, containing video/audio files of the presentations and Q&A sessions when available.

Sponsored By Title Date Sort ascending Description
WREN Webinar #6 Monitoring Bat Activity Offshore March 1, 2016

This webinar details techniques for monitoring bat activities offshore, in order to determine the impact that offshore wind may have on bat populations.

NWCC Webinar #6 Golden Eagles: Estimating Mitigation Credits from Voluntary Lead Abatement & Reducing Vehicle Collisions January 27, 2016

This webinar featured an in-depth presentation on AWWI’s Eagle Mitigation and Conservation Toolbox, which includes modeling tools that advance the science needed to facilitate wind energy development while conserving eagles.

OES Annex IV Webinar #7 Adaptive Management in the Marine Renewable Energy Industry Webinar January 27, 2016

This webinar delves into the concept of Adaptive Management (AM), and how it can be used as an effective decision making process in the face of uncertainty for the marine renewable energy industry.

NWCC Webinar #5 Developing Technologies for Bat Detection and Deterrence at Wind Facilities December 2, 2015

Multiple presentations in December 2015 address technologies for bat detection and deterrence.

WREN Webinar #5 Wildlife Monitoring and Wind Energy December 2, 2015

This webinar details monitoring tools and large-scale monitoring efforts related to offshore wind energy.

BRI Webinar Mid-Atlantic Baseline Study Webinar November 17, 2015

The goal of the Mid-Atlantic Baseline Studies (MABS) Project was to provide comprehensive baseline ecological data and associated predictive models and maps to regulators, developers, and other stakeholders for offshore wind energy.

WREN Webinar #4 Avian Sensitivity Mapping and Wind Energy August 27, 2015

The speakers present on tools they have developed to assess the potential vulnerability of birds to wind energy development.

OES Annex IV Webinar #6 Marine Renewable Energy Test Centers and Environmental Effects Research Webinar July 21, 2015

This webinar discusses current environmental research efforts focused around marine renewable energy test centers and what is being planned for future test centers.

OES Annex IV Webinar #5 The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Marine Animals Webinar May 7, 2015

This webinar provides an overview of EMF in the marine environment, how additional EMF signatures from marine renewable energy devices may effect certain marine organisms, and how research efforts are addressing this issue.

WREN Webinar #3 Understanding Avian Collision Rate Modeling and Discussing what this Means in a Population Context at Land-Based and Offshore Windfarms April 2, 2015

Wind farms can impact birds through collisions, barrier effects and displacement and habitat loss. Of these, collisions have attracted the most attention as the effects of direct mortality are considered to have the greatest potential to impact bird populations.

OES Annex IV Webinar #4 Effects of Energy Removal on Physical Systems Webinar February 3, 2015

This webinar features three modeling approaches that examine potential changes to physical systems. As wave and tidal devices are installed at commercial scales, measurements may be made to validate the models.

WREN Webinar #2 Attraction and Interaction of Marine Mammals and Seabirds to Offshore Wind Farms Webinar December 9, 2014

The presenters provide examples of research methodologies for the detection of animal populations in the vicinity of offshore wind farms, describe the technologies used to detect the animals, and, where available, discuss any existing mitigation measures or post installation/operation monitoring.

OES Annex IV Webinar #3 Tidal Energy Research in the Bay of Fundy Webinar October 27, 2014

This webinar highlights the work being done by four scientists who focus their research on elucidating the tidal energy resource and potential in the Bay of Fundy, and how tidal energy developments there may affect the surrounding marine environment.

NWCC Webinar #4 Tools for Sharing Information and Mapping Biodiversity October 21, 2014

Presentations includee an Overview of Avian Knowledge Network by Katie Koch, USFWS and New Tools for Balancing Wind Energy and Biodiversity Conservation in New York State from the Nature Conservancy.

WREN Webinar #1 Bats and Wind Energy Webinar September 3, 2014

This webinar addressed the issue of reducing bat fatalities from land-based wind in the US and central Europe.

NWCC Webinar #3 Recent Syntheses of Research on Wind Energy, Bats, and Terrestrial and Marine Wildlife July 1, 2014

This webinar includes research presented by Jeffery Lovich, Ed Arnett, and Erin Baerwald on the terrestrial and marine impacts of wind energy development.

OES Annex IV Webinar #2 Interactions of Marine Mammals and Birds Around Marine Energy Devices Webinar May 19, 2014

Presenters discuss several approaches aimed at understanding the interactions between marine mammals and diving seabirds around wave and tidal energy devices.

NWCC Webinar #2 Eagle Research and Mitigation March 5, 2014

Dr. Taber Allison of the American Wind Wildlife Institute presented on AWWI’s work on eagles, including the Eagle Research Framework.

OES Annex IV Webinar #1 Instrumentation Workshop Webinar January 23, 2014

An instrumentation workshop was held in June of 2013 to discuss the current state of the science for environmental monitoring around MHK devices.

NWCC Webinar #1 Recently-Released Research on Wind Energy and Grassland Birds & Ducks November 20, 2013

This webinar presents research on interactions between wind energy and grassland birds and ducks.

DOE OSW Monitoring Webinar Wildlife Monitoring and Basline Studies for Offshore Wind Development April 24, 2013

This webinar focuses on presenting initial results of the first year of data collection for two large-scale studies in the US that establish baseline data to aid in the siting and permitting of future projects.

DOE MHK Webinar #5 The Annex IV Project April 3, 2012

This webinar conveys information on the Annex IV project which center on international data sharing efforts for potential environmental effects of marine renewable energy to understand effects, minimizing the potential for redundancy of efforts, and increasing the efficiency of the permitting and consenting process.

DOE MHK Webinar #4 Acoustic Impacts Webinar December 14, 2011

Anthropogenic noise production in the marine environment is a known stressor to many different aquatic species. This webinar focused on research efforts focused on determining the potential impacts of MHK-produced noise to aquatic animals.

DOE MHK Webinar #3 Monitoring Technologies and Strategies Webinar September 14, 2011

Topics of this webinar focused on developing methodologies for monitoring MHK devices post-deployment, including monitoring framework development and the use of passive and active acoustics to monitor aquatic animal behavior around MHK devices.

DOE MHK Webinar #2 Aquatic Animal Interaction with Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices Webinar August 29, 2011

Discussions focused on the probability and extent of damage occurring as a result of interaction between aquatic animals and MHK devices.

DOE MHK Webinar #1 Environmental Data Management, Cumulative Impacts and Risk Assessment Webinar July 27, 2011

Webinar presentations showcase methods for dissemination of valuable environmental data.