Wind Energy Development Impacts on Marine Environment


Title: Wind Energy Development Impacts on Marine Environment
Date: June 28, 2016
15:00-16:30 UTC+00:00
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Webinar #7 in WREN Environmental Webinar Series

June 28, 2016 @ 15:00 - 16:30 UTC



This webinar will discuss noise monitoring research and mitigation to help protect marine life from the impacts of wind energy development-related sounds produced during the building phases and types of foundations. (WREN Introductory Slides)


New Developments in Research and Technology to Study Marine Mammal Behavior and the Effects of Human Noise

Brandon Southall, Ph.D., president and senior scientist, Southall Environmental Associates, Inc. and Research Associate, University of California, Santa Cruz, focuses on research to measure behavioral responses of marine mammals to various human sounds. He has an extensive technical background in leading both basic and applied laboratory and field research programs as well as applying science in national and international policies. The largest such effort has involved his serving as the chief scientist for a major multi-institutional behavioral response study supported by the U.S. Navy to study marine mammal responses to military sonar systems. Dr. Southall also serves as a technical advisor to international corporations and environmental organizations regarding the impacts of conventional and alternative offshore energy development and commercial shipping.  Dr. Southall will present a basic introduction to marine mammal hearing and behavior, the range of effects of noise, and then focus on recent research and technology development to investigate how noise affects behavior.


What does MaRVEN have to Say About Noise? A Large-Scale Study of the Envivironmental Impacts of Noise from Marine Renewables DG-Research and Innovation 2014-15

Frank Thomsen, Ph.D., senior marine scientist and business development manager, DHI, Denmark, is specialised in the design and implementation of noise related impact studies and forecasts as well as detailed noise risk assessments for a variety of activities, ranging from the construction and design of offshore wind parks to impacts from shipping. Dr. Thomsen also has extensive experience advising international bodies such as the UN, OSPAR and the EU on noise impacts. Frank Thomsen carried out his Ph.D. work on the whistles of wild killer whales in British Columbia at Hamburg University, Germany. Dr. Thomsen will present about his work on the study, MaRVEN Environmental impacts of noise, vibrations and electromagnetic emissions from marine renewable energy: final study report



A video recording of the webinar has been posted below:

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