Murphy, P.

Name: Peter Murphy
Background: Consultant
Organization: UK Water Ltd
Department: Founder
Interest: Marine Water
Country: United Kingdom

About Me:

Director of UK Water Ltd a consultant in Water / Energy

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

Total results: 11
Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Benefits of real-time object detection for environmental monitoring of marine energy devices Murphy, P., Joslin, J., Scott, M. Presentation Marine Energy
Adaptable Monitoring Package Development and Deployment: Lessons Learned for Integrated Instrumentation at Marine Energy Sites Polagye, B., Joslin, J., Murphy, P. Journal Article Marine Energy
The wave-powered adaptable monitoring package: hardware design, installation, and deployment Joslin, J., Cotter, E., Murphy, P. Conference Paper Marine Energy
Acoustic characterization of sensors used for marine environmental monitoring Cotter, E., Murphy, P., Bassett, C. Journal Article Noise Marine Mammals
Benchmarking sensor fusion capabilities of an integrated instrumentation package Cotter, E., Murphy, P., Polagye, B. Journal Article Marine Energy Birds, Fish, Marine Mammals
Acoustic characterization of wave energy converters Polagye, B., Murphy, P., Cross, P. Report Marine Energy, Wave Noise
Acoustic Characteristics of the Lifesaver Wave Energy Converter Polagye, B., Murphy, P., Cross, P. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Wave Noise
Benchmarking Sensor Fusion Capabilities of an Integrated Monitoring Package Cotter, E., Matzner, S., Horne, J. Conference Paper Marine Energy
Acoustic Characterization of a Hydrokinetic Turbine Polagye, B., Murphy, P. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Riverine Noise
Adaptable Monitoring Package (AMP) Polagye, B., Stewart, A., Joslin, J. Research Study Marine Energy, Wind Energy Attraction, Avoidance, Collision, Displacement, Noise Birds, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals, Physical Environment
Estimation of Acoustic Particle Motion and Source Bearing Using a Drifting Hydrophone Array Near a River Current Turbine to Assess Disturbances to Fish Murphy, P. Thesis Marine Energy, Riverine Noise Fish, Pelagic Fish