McIlvenny, J.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery to Characterise Pursuit-Diving Seabird Association With Tidal Stream Hydrodynamic Habitat Features Slingsby, J., Scott, B., Kregting, L. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow, Habitat Change Birds, Seabirds
Tidal stream use by black guillemots Cepphus grylle in relation to a marine renewable energy development Johnston, D., Furness, R., Robbins, A. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Collision, Habitat Change Birds, Seabirds
Combining acoustic tracking and hydrodynamic modelling to study migratory behaviour of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts on entry into high-energy coastal waters McIlvenny, J., Youngson, A., Williamson, B. Journal Article Fish
Multi-platform studies of the MeyGen tidal energy site – using UAVs to measure animal distributions and hydrodynamic features Williamson, B., Fraser, S., McIlvenny, J. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow, Habitat Change
Numerical Simulations of the Effects of a Tidal Turbine Array on Near-Bed Velocity and Local Bed Shear Stress Gillibrand, P., Walters, R., McIlvenny, J. Journal Article Marine Energy, Tidal Changes in Flow Physical Environment, Sediment Transport
Three-Frequency Colour Sidescan Sonar System for Monitoring the Seabed at Marine Renewable Energy Installations Tamsett, D., McIlvenny, J., Baxter, J. Conference Paper Marine Energy, Tidal Habitat Change Ecosystem Processes, Physical Environment, Human Dimensions
Marine Radar Derived Current Vector Mapping at a Planned Commercial Tidal Stream Turbine Array in the Pentland Firth Bell, P., McCann, D., Crammond, S. Presentation Marine Energy, Tidal
Marine Renewable Energy and the Environment (MaREE) Adams, T., Bainbridge, J., Benjamins, S. Research Study Marine Energy, Tidal, Wave Changes in Flow, Collision, Habitat Change, Noise Birds, Seabirds, Fish, Invertebrates, Marine Mammals