Liechti, F.

Affiliated Marine and Wind Energy Environmental Documents

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Title Author Date Content Type Technology Stressor Receptor
Test of the automatic bird detection system IdentiFlight on the test field of WindForS in the context of nature conservation research Aschwanden, J., Liechti, F. Report Wind Energy Birds, Raptors
Complex behaviour in complex terrain - Modelling bird migration in a high resolution wind field across mountainous terrain to simulate observed patterns Aurbach, A., Schmid, B., Liechti, F. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Avoidance Birds, Passerines
Field validation of radar systems for monitoring bird migration Nilsson, C., Dokter, A., Schmid, B. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind, Fixed Offshore Wind, Floating Offshore Wind Collision, Displacement Bats, Birds
Bird Collisions at Wind Turbines in a Mountainous Area Related to Bird Movement Intensities Measured by Radar Aschwanden, J., Stark, H., Peter, D. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Collision, Avoidance, Attraction Passerines, Birds
Relationship between the Intensity of Nocturnal Migration Measured by Radar and the Anthropogenic Mortality of Birds Michev, B., Zehtindjiev, P., Marinov, M. Journal Article Wind Energy Collision Birds
Bird Migration Intensity and Number of Collision Victims at the Wind Power Plant Le Peuchapatte (Switzerland) Aschwanden, J., Liechti, F. Report Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Displacement, Collision, Avoidance Birds
Modelling the Spatial Concentrations of Bird Migration to Assess Conflicts with Wind Turbines Liechti, F., Guélat, J., Komenda-Zehnder, S. Journal Article Wind Energy, Fixed Offshore Wind Birds
How do diurnal long-distance migrants select flight altitude in relation to wind? Mateos-Rodriguez, M., Liechti, F. Journal Article Wind Energy, Land-Based Wind Habitat Change Shorebirds, Raptors, Passerines, Birds
Bird Migration Flight Altitudes Studied by a Network of Operational Weather Radars Dokter, A., Liechti, F., Stark, H. Journal Article Birds
Wing-Beat Characteristics of Birds Recorded with Tracking Radar and Cine Camera Bruderer, B., Peter, D., Boldt, A. Journal Article Passerines, Birds
Adjustments of Wingbeat Frequency and Air Speed to Air Density in Free-Flying Migratory Birds Schmaljohann, H., Liechti, F. Journal Article Birds
Development of a method for the automatic quantification of bird migration in the area of ​​offshore wind farms and the barrier effect of the technical systems for bird migration using fast fixed beam radar Neumann, R., Kube, J., Liechti, F. Report Wind Energy Birds
Automatic Identification of Bird Targets with Radar via Patterns Produced by Wing Flapping Zaugg, S., Saporta, G., van Loon, E. Journal Article Birds